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The Shipbucket Project aims to create a unified archive of ship and aircraft drawings in a single uniform scale and style. Our raster pixel art is easy to edit and remix, meaning new authors can easily contribute to the project with tools as simple as MSPaint (or as advanced as Photoshop).

Shipbucket aims to be a premier learning tool for naval design (both civilian and military), and our format is suited for amateur hobbyists and serious professionals alike.

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Issues, and some answers for a few questions

We are currently facing some server-related latency / long page-load time issues. This is being actively investigated with our host and a fix will be coming soon. Thanks for your continued patience while we work to resolve the issue!

We have also received many questions asking when FD Scale vehicles and ships' badges/coats of arms will be uploaded. FD Scale vehicles will require their own categorization scheme, separate from the ships, and will come after we have accommodated the Shipbucket-format templates and parts sheets. This will be a significant dev effort, for which we are seeking additional donations and backers on Patreon. Ships' badges and coats of arms are considered to be "parts", and will be accommodated with the introduction of the Systems module.

A full roadmap for planned site features will be released to the community soon.
Posted by Ian B. Roberts on 2017-08-23

New Shipbucket site is now live!

Our new site is finally live! This has been several months in the making, and our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone involved. Currently, this site supports categorized and searchable entries for all Shipbucket scale ship drawings in the real designs and never-built categories. Please take some time to peruse the archive.

In addition, our Style Guide has been completely rewritten, along with the site's Frequently Asked Questions and About pages. As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask on the Shipbucket forum.
Posted by Ian B. Roberts on 2017-08-22