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Post subject: USA - USS Foote (1896)Posted: July 5th, 2019, 10:45 pm
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Hi all,
Here is my first completed SB Scale real design, USS Foote (TB-3) as she was in service :)

[ img ]

A little backstory - Launched on October 1st, 1896, and commissioned on August 7th, 1897, USS Foote was part of the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron after training out of Charleston, SC. She took part as a picket and patrol ship in the Spanish-American War, where she carried orders from the flagship to the rest of the squadron. Then she patrolled Cuban waters, namely close to the Cardenas entrance to Havana Harbor to scout shipping. Notably, she bombarded Morro Island on March 25th, 1898, but mostly ran dispatches until August of that year. She then operated in the Newport-Boston area until she was placed in reserve at Norfolk onMarch 6th, 1901.
In 1908 she moved was moved back to Charleston, SC, where she was detached from the Reserve Torpedo Flotilla on June 8th, 1910., Foote based in Charleston over the next year, putting to sea once, for a 3-week cruise early in 1911. Assigned to the North Carolina Naval Militia from June 27th, 1911 to November 15th, 1916, she was based at New Bern, where Foote then laid at Charleston until returned to full commission on April 7th, 1917. Throughout The Great War, USS Foote patrolled the coast of the 6th Naval District; and was renamed to Coast Torpedo Boat No. 1 on August 1st, 1918. She was eventually decommissioned at Philadelphia on March 28th, 1919, and sold for scrap on July 19th, 1920.

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Post subject: Re: USA - USS Foote (1896)Posted: July 6th, 2019, 7:24 pm
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Nice work! (Though i have to say I like CraigH's version more)

(btw. would it be indiscreet question to ask about Do-17/-215? ;) )

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