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Post subject: Kamishirasawa Class DreadnoughtPosted: February 8th, 2024, 1:53 pm
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The Kamishrasawa Class Dreadnought was considered to be Kiraidan Royal Navy to enter service as of 1905, when the international naval arms race had began in 1903 in Astralis.

Her firepower was pretty average for her time, mostly sporting 10 305mm guns in 5 twin-gunned turret, and 12 152mm guns mounted in hull casemates. Since aerial dominance in Astralis had been a strong occurrence in every parts of the world, she was armed with 4 76.2mm AA guns on high-angled mounts on top of turrets A and Y, though she would later receive a compliment of 4 12.7mm machine guns imported directly from Karemi in 1909.

She was also the most unusual dreadnought in terms of turret layout; while most other nations such as Russlavia and Karemi had already developed superfiring turrets for their dreadnoughts, Kiraidan Royal Navy built their first dreadnought in having her turrets mounted all on deck, and didn't adopt the superfiring layout until the launch of their last armoured cruiser, the Sagittarius Class, as of 1906.

She had a rather uneventful journey. The only time when she was able to fire her guns was during the opening days of the Rothanian-Kiraidan War and that was it. For the duration of the war, she fought against literally nothing, mostly on the run after the northern fronts fell to Rothanian army (1 million Rothanian troops against 250,000 highly-trained Kiraidan Troops), and thanks to constant bombings of key industries by the Rothanian high-flying bombers, original plans of building 6 more were all cancelled, which led to her literally becoming the sole member of her class.

It was only after the Rothanian-Kiraidan War, later dubbed by the Kiraidan citizens as the "Failed War" after the rise of a new government and thus a new nation in place of Rothania, that she was able to find some peace, though she wouldn't be able to find herself a new modernization program until 1915, when Kiraidan industries were finally back to full capacity. But by that point, she was too dated and too outclassed by ever growing navies all around the world to even be considered for modernization, let alone rebuilding or reconstruction. So in revelation to that, she was finally put to reserve in 1917, which she only received a fully enclosed bridge.

Originally, she was supposed to be donated to becoming a museum ship, but due to the lack of interest, she was immediately sent to the scrapper's torch in 1919, just a year before Kiraidan Royal Navy began constructing a new superdreadnought using assistance from Karemian engineers and naval designers.

She only received one battle stars in her entire career

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