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Post subject: Japan Treaty BattleshipPosted: February 18th, 2024, 12:34 pm
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what if yamato was never built and built two battleships that complied to the treaties that limited battleships to 35,000 tons they built two battleships slightly more powerful than the old nagato armed with 9 41cm .50 caliber type 0 gun in 3 triple turrets it is a beast that rivaled the north carolina (bb-55) and weighed in at 35,000 metric tonnes with armor that is thicker than bismarck's but guns powerful like north carolina the ship is well known in the allies the reason the a-140 project is cancelled is due to yamamoto's convincing of the naval high command to build more carriers as he sees them as the future of naval warfare and so the two battleships are built as a compromise to ease the battleship faction in the imperial navy as both of them are almost the same weight as one yamato as this became apparent as the a-140 project stopped at the f6 phase as the two battleships used the redesigned a-140f preliminary design and reused the names of the cancelled kii-class battleships

Kii-class fast battleship

[ img ]

[ img ]

ships in class

kii (sunk in operation ten go the same as our timeline)

owari (sunk in the battle of leyte gulf the same as our timeline)

length 246m

beam 34m

draft 10.2m

weight 35,000t (empty) 37,809t (combat) 41,922t (max load)


main belt 33.4cm
upper belt 17.8cm
lower belt 17cm
ends 12.5cm

main deck 17.8cm
middle deck 5.7cm
lower deck 14cm

conning tower 46cm

main turret's
facing 46cm
sides 17.8cm
roof 20.3cm
rear 14cm

speed 32 knot's

main armament

3x3 41cm/50 type 0

2x8 12.7cm/50 type 3 mod-c

3x20 25mm/60 type 96

as for the yamato a-140f6 it became a never built design as it was reworked untill it reached it's 1944 configuration and post war the information and blueprints of the ship survived as they were left behind in the imperial pallace when yuzuru hiraga acidentally left them when he visited in january 7 1943 and was stored and hidden away by palace staff and waiting for them to be picked up by the owner but only to be discovered in march 19 1963 and archived as a historical piece of naval engineering as the name yamato was written in the information notebook as the name was chosen by yuzuru hiraga as the name of the ship to be named after japan's ancient name

ship pieces used

nagato bow (bb1987)

b-65 hull and stern gun director tower (tigerhunter1945, lautch)

b-65 stern mast (karle94)

kii stern piece shafts and rudder (bb1987)

kamiyama tower mast and funnel (bb1987)

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