JS Goten-go
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Author:  TakasugiEisaku [ March 9th, 2024, 1:04 pm ]
Post subject:  JS Goten-go

Kaitei Gunkan (the undersea warship) or atragon (localized)

the submersible & flying battleship goten-go

[ img ]

i gave it the ijn treatment on it's designation and naming convention

length 150m

beam 25m

hight 38m

weight 10,000 tonnes

range unkown (not specified in film i assume nuclear or other tech)


3x4 14cm/50 (diameter not specified i used nagato 14cm as true caliber for consistancy)

x1 drill

x3 rotating blades

x1 zero cannon (at drill tip)

info (click showa as that is what inspired the drawing)

info of film

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