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Post subject: Project Sea Bat (The Silent Service 1988/1995)Posted: May 8th, 2024, 12:54 pm
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the sea is a nuclear submarine by a joint us and japan to allow the japanese to possess a nuclear submarine serving under the us 7th fleet but during the events shiro kaieda the sea bat's captain mutinied and attack other us nuclear subs without sinking them and declears the submarines independance and renames the sea bat to yamato turning it into an independant nation with shiro kaieda smuggling a single nuclear warhead to secure his nations independence

info about anime/live action

YS Yamato Ex-USS Sea Bat
[ img ]

Sea Bat-class nuclear submarine

length 113.7m

beam 11m

hull hight 12m

weight 7500t (Submerged)


x8 53.3cm torpedo launchers

x18 vls

cuising range infinite

maximum diving depth 1000m crush depth 1300m

hull titanium pressure hull 28cm

Peace Through Power

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