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Post subject: Re: Democratic Stratocracy of NorthernlandPosted: February 27th, 2016, 3:27 am
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I like the looks of that drawing. (Which unfortunately does not mean much as modern ships I suck at - but the sentiment is the same).

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Post subject: Re: Democratic Stratocracy of NorthernlandPosted: February 27th, 2016, 7:37 am
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I like her very good as a different personal design,
my questions would be,
- why RAM/Goalkeeper rather than 2 of the same and save costs/spare parts/ammo ?
- why the thrusters at bow would a DD not want at least self defence ASW sonar and the flow noise from them would probably not help ?
- why not add some light guns ? (.5-30mm)

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Post subject: Re: Democratic Stratocracy of NorthernlandPosted: February 27th, 2016, 8:11 am
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Thanks Krakatoa!

I'm going to make the Navy have different Roles, Already deployed is the AAW Destroyer, This is the ASuW Destroyer, then will a ASW Frigate/Corvette be deployed.

- Because the Goalkeeper has a 100% Killrate at 500 meters, against missiles.
But because it want to fill the MK 41. VLS with Tomahawk and SM2, this leaves me out of ESSM.

I got 64 cells, when in a normal situation a loadout of around 50% each would be selected that means around 20 Tomahawk, 20 SM2 and around 80 ESSM, however as I mentioned i already have an AAW destroyer thats filled to the brim with SM2 and ESSM. So instead I opted to have 30 Tomahawk (Should be able to kill another Soveremeny class) and 34 SM2, This mean it can still engage long-range aircraft but it no longer has any self-defence missiles. Therefore another system was needed, The RAM.

-I may install one but it has no capabilities to engage a submarine whatsoever, so it will lose maneuverability but it will gain a small radius to (possibly) detect a submarine that should have been elimated by the ASW Frigate/Corvette a long time ago.

-It has a few removeable .50 spots installed but since the guns can be removed i decided to not show them. It should have around 8 .50 spots on the entire vessel.

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Post subject: Re: Democratic Stratocracy of NorthernlandPosted: February 27th, 2016, 2:04 pm
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Ok, liks better so far ;-) Two more things for the schading: first make the backward areas darker, at the moment your forward and backward areas are in the same lighter colour. Also all edges which are not 90 degres should be coloured in a darker base tone and not in black ;-)

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Post subject: Re: Democratic Stratocracy of NorthernlandPosted: February 27th, 2016, 4:37 pm
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was there some inspiration from my fictional heroes class destroyer, by chance? there are a lot of things that remind me of those :P anyways, I have a few comments.
- it might be an good idea to swap your goalkeeper and the RAM. the goalkeeper has a lot of deck penetration, the RAM has very little
- it looks like you have quite small air intakes (if you have gas turbines) or quite large exhausts (if you have diesels). in addition, you have some air intakes forward that I am not certain about what they are for.
- for an destroyer armed with SM-2, I am not certain if the SEAMASTER 500 radar is really what you want.
- I would consider it likely the mast would work better if it is symmetrical forward and aft.
- I think you can easily shorten the ship a bit by using an open deck below the helicopter platform for mooring instead of the bit aft of the helideck.
- I think you lack liferafts forward, I see only the 5 aft at the sides of the hangar.
- the openings in the superstructure between the ASM and the mast seem to serve very little purpose right now.
- the companionway looks a bit long :P
- for stealth, you want the angles on the superstructure as much as possible the same angle. right now every 'face' has another angle.
- I am not certain if a single ECM system on top of the mast would be the best solution (seeing that every ship I know has ECM split in 2 units)
- I know of very few ships that have no sonar at all, even AAW ships tend to have self defence torpedo tubes and a sonar to guide them. as these torpedo tubes can share their magazine with that of the helicopter (same type of torpedo) this has very little effect on the size and setup of the vessel.
- I recommend a good check for what should be black lines and which dark grey. also, check fore and aft shading (light forward and dark aft faced 'panels' is common)
- it might not be that easy to find (pm me if you can't find it) but IIRC in the belowdeck parts thread is an new, more accurate drawing of the oto melara 127 stealth.

Drawings are credited with J.Scholtens
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