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Post subject: Republic of HonenPosted: April 4th, 2017, 9:50 pm
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So friend of mine ask me to create AU with his own Republic Honen. I still working on Benaglore Republic (fixin some issues with ships) but i decide why not.
(map is in work it will be posted here in first post once finished, so please keep eye on it).

Honen islands were first discovered in 1537 by the Japanese sailors who got lost at sea. Some of them manage to return back to Japan. Honen location is South-east of Japan, the two island groups were relatively close to each other separated by the water mass like one between Japan and South Korea.

In 1572 Lord Murichi Asagano head of Asagano clan and leader and protector of Kazusa province realizing that his province will fall under constant pressure and wars with provinces of Musashi, Hitachi and Sagami which allied themself to eliminate Asagano, found that with Shogun itself was behind the three province alliance and that because of his father mistakes future of Kazusa was sealed. He saw no chance in combating the power of three provinces and any other leaders of other provinces which could help were either bribed, silenced or taken off. He decide to rally his people and move them to unknown. He was informed about islands on South-East of Japan and believing he can start anew he order buildup of fleet in secret. Japan in this time already get in contact with Europeans when they reach Japan on Chinese junks. After two years of buildup and somehow holding up, in 1574 fleet was launched, over a hundred ships built for one purpose, to ferry people of Kazusa to this new land. Lord Asagano brother Toyotomi and part of Kazusa forces remain. Kazusa eventaully fall in 1577 although none of civilians that remain was harmed. Kazusa was cut in pieces and parts were given to three rulers of three attacking provinces. Although around two hundred years later Kazusa will be formed and born again in rebellion.

Ships that departs arrived to unknown islands, few were lost on the way but most arrived safely. Lord Murichi named the new land Honen. After his ship and an ancient shrine in Kazusa.

First senttlement was formed near today's Kihira city. Kihira would become first capital of Honen in 1610 and will remain a capital of Honen till 1772 when Tabahana was formed on other side of Honen island. Tabahana remains capital from that day.

People from Kazusa manage to explore the islands of Honen archipelago in less then one hundred years, also founding small community of Maori on island of Mohambo. Maori which arrived shortly after Japanese create small settlement on Mohambo. Two sides quickly found equal language and form alliance eventually becoming one under one flag.

By the 1790 when first Europeans found Honen archipelago, Japanese on Honen islands no longer call themself Japanese. Their tradition remains the same although it slightly changed over the centuries but it follow the same way as Japanese. To the Europeans, Honen people were simply Japanese living outside Japan. Dutch were the first, followed by Portugese and by 1812 British and French and later other European countries.

Japan was aware that there was other islands nearby. In 1815 Japanese Emperor Kokaku wanted to unite Japanese people with their lost brethren and order fleet to be send to conquer Honen islands. But Honen Empire wasn't sitting and doing nothing. Its people know that sooner or later Japan would come and try to take their freedom again. Fleet was built that protect the key Honen locations and in battle of Chambango archipelago a large number of small islands between Honen and Japan, Honen had its first victory. Several more times Japan tried to invade Honen directly but each time they failed.

By the time of commodore Perry arrival to Japan, Honen had strong navy thanks mostly to the Dutch and Portugese who teach Honen Empire new shipbuilding techniques. Tensions between Honen and Japan remain for decades. However things slightly changed to better in 1853. On July the 8th Commodore Matthew Perry enter Tokyo bay and after short standoff manage to force Japan to open its trade ports for US ships, US which tried forcefully to spread in Asia to sell its goods. Spys in Japan report back with this development and warn the Honen that this Americans may do the same thing in Honen as well. Indeed they were right.

British and Japanese make notice to Americans of Honen existance and commodore Perry decide to visit Honen islands as well. However Honen already prepared itself. It build several large fortresses around the Coast that face Japan, not forry US but for Japanese future invasions and also had twelve new well armed steamers plus over two dozen european styled frigates and sloops. On July August the 2th commodore Perry approach the Kihira city, believing that it is the capital. However in front of Kihira were two defense fortresses and three steamers and six other ships. Imperial Honen navy block the path to the US squadron, lead by flagship Shimazu and its commanding officer admiral Juzei Moriko. Shimazu, brand new ship built in Honen shipyards with supervision of Dutch engineers and armed with most advanced cannons of that time, provided by Dutch again, fired a warning shot in front of American squadron forcing Americans to stop. With flag signals Honen flagship ask permission to came closer for negotiations on which commodore Perry agreed.

Perry was impressed because Japanese itself had far less resistance on his aggressive entrance and less ships. But he nevertheless tried to force the issue. Demanding that Honen open ports for trade and allow American ships to resupply as humanitarian aid in case of accidents on sea. He also demand to speak with Emperor itself.

However Admiral Moriko was not impressed with his demands, he respond that he will send message to the Imperial palace but he cannot force the Emperor to take visitors. It was however by accident that Emperor itself was in visit of Kihara old palace, he was already aware of American presence by his royal captain and protector who inform him on situation. Emperor Yoshido Asagano was thirty years old when when commodore Perry arrived to Honen.

Few days later He decided to grant commodores wish and speak to him in old palace of Kihara, unlike his father and ancestors he was more open for negotiations and learning new things.

Commodore Perry arrived at old palace, he show every respect to the Emperor and follow the protocol which he learn. Young emperor was fascinated with western cultures but he was not naive fool to believe everyone on every word.

Commodore tried to be polite in his demands but in the end it was demand.

Emperor Yoshido concluded the negotiations with this. "Commodore Perry, your demands were very straight forward, insulting and without order. Honen doesn't see any objections in helping those that end on our shores. We would never back down from helping but i won't allow you to dictate the order of things to me. If you want Honen to open its trade ports to United States, you need to do that like every other foreign country did. With respect, not by demands. I will grant limited trade between our two countries but i will not grant you consulate until we know you better, until we can trust you. We may not be big or powerful like United States but Honen Empire does not take order or demands from anyone. We know that our brethren in Japan probably said many things about us but unlike them, since we arrived here we had only peace and that is what we cherish the most, peace and freedom. "

In the end Perry was force to agree on terms. United States had open trade with Honen, limited but at least something, trade did expand over the years and by the 1870 it was full trade. By 1870 US open consulate in Omorika city, one of three citys open to trade with other countries.

Honen did see lots of improvements. All kind of American products were imported including weapons. Honen itself export lots of stuff back.

However even with strong trade, Honen never trust Americans to much. Unlike Japan, Honen will trading with others like to keep on side.
In 1900 Honen become Republic, while Emperor still remains, royal family was symbol, and Emperor position was only symbolic as Honen become democratic country.

In 1903 Japan prepared for another invasion, wanting once and for all to unite its people however year later war with Imperial Russia started and plans of war and invasion of Honen never materialize in real.
Honen remains neutral during the First World War. By the time between 1910-1930 Honen had even good relationship with Japan, trading and even having military ships built in Japan as well US and UK. Sadly this didn't last long, friendship between Honen and Japan start to fade from 1934, as Japan become more and more aggressive. Honen object on Japanese invasions of Philippines, Korea and China. Finally in 1937-1938 Japan case all trade with Honen secretly finishing its preparations for invasion on Honen. In late 1939 Japan invade Chambango archipelago and war between Honen and Japan started. Honen forces manage to hold Japanese navy for over few months but having heavy losses in submarines and destroyers. Japan conquer entire Chambango archipelago and even manage to land on islands of Kanama, Biwa, Oki and Akashi. In 1941 island of Asashi was lost as well and over half of Tabakuma including Anaki city fell to. However Honen forces put a stubborn resistance striking constantly on the Japanese lines and constantly engage much larger and stronger Japanese navy and air force. Japan however did massive mistake by opening another front and this time by attacking US at Pearl Harbor without even declaring a war. While Japan was the force to be reckon, US had far more resources and capabilities then Japan had. Japan did hold its own during first years of WWII however it luck runs out, at the battle of Midway, Japan lost four of its fleet carriers despite many other carriers in service it was serious blow. In January 1943 Honen High command came with daring and dangerous plan. Japan had two battleships in Honen sea, Battleship Kii stationed at the occupied Biwa island and battleship Mutsu which was defending the Chambango archipelago plus their cruiser and destroyer escorts. Honen command came with plan to either size the two battleship or sunk them. This was plan of young naval commander Daiki Matsuda. Plan which he created was considered pure madness by the high staff but they nevertheless approve it. Honen had only two battleships in service which were originally built as battlecruisers and like Japanese Kongo class had heavy modernization and upgrade to battleship level. Plan which commander Matsuda made was set in motion two weeks later. Lots of small amphibious crafts and ships were send from city of Soyoshima to island Kozaru which lay between Akashi and Kanama. This force used nights to move from one island to another and finally few days after arriving to Kozaru they arrived at Biwa. Attack started when imperial commandos swim toward the small fleet lead by Kii. Force that number two hundred climb on board Kii and engage in hand to hand combat with crew. As most of crew were sleeping they were unware that they were attacked. Honen commandos manage to size 1/3 of the ship when alarm was sound. It become brutal vicious combat but in the end key places on ship were sized. Main batteries, engine room, bridge. Once taking the batteries Honen commandos fire on escort ships, sinking one Kuma class light cruiser and two destroyers before remaining ships manage to withdraw, in confusion they didnt evenf ire torps on the Kii. Almost half of the ship crew were killed or injured while rest surrender. Honen lost sixty five commandos but second way reinforce their lines and ship was manned by basically skeleton crew and moved toward Honen under the night.
Same thing happen on Chambango archipelago where Mutsu was. Mutsu and one light cruiser were sized after heavy and bloody battle and moved toward Honen, light cruiser was unfortunately sunk by Japanese during the journey back.

This was major blow and humiliation to Japan, which tried to invade Honen one more time this time sending one of their massive Yamato class ships, Musashi as flagship of Honen invasion force, but this was halted as Japan continue to lose against US and UK.

1945 came and Japan was on brink of defeat. Remnant of its navy was stationed around Japan for protection. Honen join US in attack on Japan, liberating its islands and finally Chambango archipelago. Japan surrenders to US after US drop atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Honen received some of ships from Japan including the battleship Nagato, sistership of Mutsu. Battleship Amagi was given to US and was sunk during the nuclear testings. US later want to buy all three Japanese battleships in service with Honen but this was refused. During next six decades US would also try to establish base or two in Honen but this never happen as Honen refuse and didn't allow it.

After the war Honen rebuilt and by the 2010 become one of most advanced country in Asia and world as well, together with Japan and South Korea. In 1977 Honen navy retires both of the Nagato class and Nagato was given back to Japan while Mutsu was keeped as museum. Nagato itself become museum. Battleship Kii was also retired by end of 1970's and become museum. While two Suruga class battleships were retired and scrapped in 1960's.

Honen unlike Japan retain its offensive capabilities. It has few light carriers and at least one fleet carrier in service during the WWII, the fleet carrier which was retired in 1971. Unlike Japan its ships carried both offensive and defensive weapons. However due fact that Honen didn't need carriers as they were to expensive. After 1971 Honen navy didn't had any cv's in service.

Its military despite having offensive capabilities was always used only as defensive means as Honen didn't want use its military force as projection of power like US, China or Russia do. Majority of military budget goes to navy and air force while what remains goes to ground forces. In 2000 with new millennia Honen start heavily modernizing its military especially navy and air force.

In 2011 Chinese exploration ship came to the Cmabango archipelago and Chinese claim that archipelago belongs to China. This was based on few so called Chinese temples on the islands of Cambango. However ancient chinese map which was no doubt fake and examination of those temples show that they were built between 1950-1970. Nevertheless China still continue to claim archipleago. Exploration ship was force out of the Honen territory which sparks tensions. In 2015 China send again exploration ship but this time escorted by two corvettes. Once again they were escorted out of, and only after Honen naval destroyer fired a warning shot. This cause for Chinese to send battlegroup into Honen sea which was countered by Honen navy as well Japanese-American battlegroup, forcing Chinese ship to withdraw. However this didn't change anything as Honen military was already in process of modernization and together with Japan and American help it could repel any attack.

Offical name: Republic of Honen
Capital: Tabahana
Offical Language: Japanese(Honen dialect - Japanese/Maori),
Recognized languages: Maori, English
Population: 32,457,920 (2018 estimated)
Demographics: 85% Japanese/Honen, 10% Maori, 5% Japori (persons born of one Japanese and one Maori parent), Japori was unoficial name for those born of Japanese-Maori parents, they are considered equal as both Japanese and Maori) this was only to add those 5%
additional statistics will come but i am to lazy to do everything in detail)

30 Largest cities: 25,351,195 (live in 30 largest cities) rest lives in cities benith 100,000 people, towns and villages,
1. Shinoshima - 2,750,000
2. Tabahana - 2,150,000
3. Toyama - 1,887,235
4. Omorika - 1,814,917
5. Soyoshima - 1,745,001
6. Kihira - 1,558,485
7. Anaki - 1,318,774
8. Magano - 1,172,000
9. Mizuho - 1,057,109
10. Gehi - 890,510
11. Yanagi - 856,171
12. Akona - 834,057
13. Eijo - 800,452
14. Haegoro - 773,101
15. Sojima - 704,939
16. Namachi - 681,114
17. Sawara - 660,547
18. Tsumagi - 530,103
19. Waszhashi - 501,138
20. Sagawa - 473,234
21. Kifui - 425,005
22. Kashiro - 417,935
23. Sona - 245,110
24. Kotaro - 219,890
25. Haunoa - 202,205
26. Saraga - 176,238
27. Tabakuma - 158,087
28. Sara - 130,637
29. Oki - 115,077
30. Atanoga - 102,124

For the first hundred years of its existance Honen expand, it used province system like Japan, from 1710 to 1950. In 1950 Honen switch to prefecture system, like one Japan used.

Honen prefectures 2020 - There is 38 provinces in Honen
(they were not added by size or population but by islands)

Honen island:

Kihira prefecture - capital is city of Kihira
Mizuho prefecture - capital is city of Mizuho
Minagi prefecture - capital is city of Minagi
Haegoro prefecture - capital is city of Haegoro
Hoshio prefecture - capital is city of Hoshio
Kari prefecture - capital is city of Kotaro
Tabahana prefecture - capital is city of Tabahana
Magano prefecture - capital is city of Magano
Yanagi prefecture - capital is city of Yanagi
Kifui prefecture - capital is city of Kifui
Shinoshima prefecture - capital is city of Shinoshima
Namachi prefecture - capital is city of Namachi
Sawara prefecture - capital is city of Sawara
Omorika prefecture - capital is city of Omorika
Soyoshima prefecture - capital is city of Soyoshima
Akona prefecture - capital is city of Akona
Sagawa prefecture - capital is city of Sagawa

Akashi island:

Akashi prefecture - capital is city of Akashi
Sojima prefecture - capital is city of Sojima
Wazhashi prefecture - capital is city of Wazhashi
Ashio prefecture - capital is city of Kashio

Shino island:

Tanami prefecture - capital is city of Toyoma
Tsumagi prefecture - capital is city of Tsumagi
Sona prefecture - capital is city of Sona

Tabakuma island:

Anaki prefecture - capital is city of Anaki
Tabakuma prefecture - capital is city of Tabakuma
Atanoga prefecture - capital is city of Atanoga

Asashi island:

Asashi prefecture - capital is city of Saraga

Koro island:

Koro prefecture - capital is city of Koro

Mohambo island:

Mohambo prefecture - capital is city of Haunoa

Eijo island:

Eijo prefecture - capital is city of Eijo

Sara & Rimashi islands:

Sarimashi prefecture - capital is city of Sara

Kanama island:

Kanama prefecture - capital is city of Gehi

Other prefectures:

Oki prefecture - capital is city of Oki
Biwa prefecture - capital is city of Biwa
Kizuro perfecture - capital is city of Kizuro
Arata prefecture - capital is town of Arata
Chambango prefecture - capital is town of Kizamo


Honen military have three major branches, Navy, Air force and Ground forces. Navy and Air force were usually have the most of the military budget. As mentioned before, unlike Japan, Honen have both offensive and defensive capabilities. Honen economy is very strong, rivaling to that of Japan. However there were differences between two countries. From 1970's Honen import weapons technologies rather then develop its own. For example, while it have very advance technologies, like Japan, US and other modern countries it usually import technologies from others, licensing weapons and then building them in its own factories. This is mostly for the ground and air forces. Using this method, Honen save lots of money and time, which would be spend in developing new weapons and actually building them. Instead it buy weapons outside, for the most part. Navy is on the other hand different. Almost 80% of ship classes in service were domestic built. While remaining 20% were heavily modified variants of ships that were ordered from other countries. This fall in Air force where 90% of all weapons were imported (licensed and domestically built) most of the air force equipment came from United States, Japan and EU. Ground forces is the same as air force, and most of ground weapons were ordered from EU, Japan and US. While this may sounds weird for such advance country, in long term it is not. For new plane it would usually took between 10-15 years to develop, faster if more resources are given, but instead of wasting a decade of building new stuff, Honen order aircraft that were proven and already in production thus saving lot of money and time.

However this slowly changing. Weapon systems which were previously imported are now either been heavily modified as new variants of it or brand new ones been built. Honen has larger military budget then Japan, investing far more into its Air force and Navy. Although Japanese navy and Air force were still bigger, but size don't matter because Honen tactic was constant upgrade, modifications, adaptation.

(So this is the starting part, i already work on navy, and i will post ships here soon, hope you like it so far).

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Post subject: Re: Republic of HonenPosted: April 5th, 2017, 2:04 pm
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Republic of Honen Suruga class destroyer.

Technical specifications:
Class: Suruga
Type: Aegis - Guided missile destroyer
Year of introduction: 2009
Length: 177m
Crew: 210
Speed: 32 knots

1x Nomato 130mm naval rapid fire cannon
2x Mk II "Notachi" CIWS
112 cell Mk41 Vertical Launching system (VLS) for mix of RIM-70 "Hydra" (Honen variant of American RIM-66) surface to air (SAM) missiles, RIM-161(ballistic missiles defense), RIM-162 (ESSM), RIM-174 (ERAM) (added in 2017), RUM-139H (Honen variant) anti-submarine missiles (ASROC),
4x Vertical launchers for Tomahawk cruise missile (from 2020 Tomahawk is to be replaced with domestically built "Storm" cruiser missile)
4x Upside VLS that carry total of eight ASVM-010 Seafire anti submarine missile)
4x twin torpedo launchers for MU90 lightweight torpedoes (two mounted on each side of the low hull)
8x RGM-84 Harpoon launchers
4x 25mm Bushmaster auto cannons
2-4x M2 Browing machine guns

It can carry up to two MH-60 Seahawk helicopters, however hangar base is big only for single helicopter (one can be stored and second on helipad).

Suruga posses all of the modern defense masures including advance jamming, chaff (smoke) and anti-torpedo decoys which can be fired from the under belly Upside VLS or torpedo tubes.


After Shima class guided missile destroyer was in process of retirement, Honen naval command already work on new generation of guided missile destroyer. Originally American Arleigh Burke or Japanese Kongo classes were intend to be purchased as replacement for Shima class, however work on new ship already started. It took almost ten years from first designs to first ship been built and launched. However once launched Suruga was more powerful then any other destroyer on world including American Burke, Japanese Kongo&Atago, South Korean Sejong The Great and other classes. However Suruga had flaws, some which were dangerous and were immediately needed to be corrected.

While Honen itself was not in any danger from war like South korea and Japan. It did invest massively into Navy and Air force, and Suruga was most expensive modern destroyer ever produced.

Suruga use the same Aegis system and all other modern electronics that were found on Burke and Kongo classes, this saved some money and time despite design take almost ten years due constant design problems.

In term of weapons, Suruga carry more weaponry then both Burke or Kongo, but similar to Sejong the Great, although there were differences.

Main gun was locally produced 130mm naval rapid cannon, developed by Honen military firm Nomato. It has great range and was usually used against low priority targets when missiles and torpedoes were not needed.
There is two Mk II"Notachi" CIWS (close in weapon systems), these were licensed and improved variants of Vietnamese Palma CIWS. While Mk I was basically Palma, Mk II Notachi was locally built and was different. Difference lays in system. The Palma had two four barreled Gatling cannons, mounted on end of the arms with sensor been in middle, however, Notachi have one eight barreled Gatling cannon located in mid while sensor was located on top. Notachi have little better range then American Phalanx and sensor system is by far better then both Phalanx or Palma systems.

Suruga have 112 Mk41 VLS (vertical launching system), not the largest number of VLS as only other destroyer having more is South Korean Seyong the Great (Not counting the cruisers). But like Seyong and other guided missile destroyers it have large variety of missiles, like anti-air missiles, anti-ballistic missiles, anti-submarine warfare (ASW). Against ground targets, Tomahawk cruise missiles and Harpoon were the main weapons, together with 130mm bow cannon.
There is four torpedo launchers. These were installed into the low hull, two on each side of the ship. The system is pretty much advanced due taking very little internal space thanks to the fact that torpedoes that use (MU90 lightweight) need less space. Suruga carry total of eight MU90 torpedoes, four were always stored inside the launchers and other four in storage (which is always located on side of the torpedo tube and can quickly reload the second torpedo into the main torpedo tube by simply opening the side of torp tube and slide second torp in).

There is also four 35mm bushmaster cannons and from two to four M2 Browning machine guns for close combat. However Suruga also carry revolutionary weapon system called the Upside VLS. These VLS are not launch their missiles in air as all modern VLS do, they launch them from the belly of the ship into the water itself. Two launcehrs were mounted on the sides of the ship close to the port and starboard side but pointing down instead up. These launchers launch the anti-submarine missile called ASVM-010 Seafire. Specially designed to fire under water. System is very complicated and it was one of most expensive weapon system on Suruga. First variant had problem as ship was need to be in deep sea to fire it, at least thirty to forty meters of depth before it could fire. Mk II variant which was introduced in 2018 reduce this to only ten meters of depth as missiles were pushed out of their launchers and then they move to their target at full speed. Suruga class ship is currently only ship in existence to have this type of weapon. US had similar system in development but due high price abandon the project.

Six Suruga class ships were constructed and they are the most important ships and largest destroyers in Honen navy not counting the helicopter carrier and Amphibious ships.

(HNS - Honen Naval Ship)

DDG 75 HNS Suruga - Commissioned in 2009 built by Aichii Shipbuilding company in Omorika Home port - Omorika
DDG 76 HNS Katsuga - Commissioned in 2010 built by Aichii Shipbuilding company in Omorika Home port - Kihira
DDG 77 HNS Saranami - Commissioned in 2012 built by Miamoto Heavy Industries in Tabahana Home port - Omorika
DDG 78 HNS Saitago - Commissioned in 2013 built by Aichii Shipbuilding company in Omorika Home port - Kihira
DDG 79 HNS Abukamo - Commissioned in 2015 built by Aichii Shipbuilding company in Omorika Home port Soyoshima
DDG 80 HNS Kasuma - Commissioned in 2017 built by Miamoto Heavy Industries in Tabahana Home port Omorika

[ img ]

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There are so many problems in that design...

I can start, and other help out.

1. she is damn high. Top weight issue...
2. VLS placed high up on a very high ship.... top weight problems
3. Radar. The Spy 1 radar you have there are drawn in an angle... but your superstructure are not...
4. funnel block spy-1 radar at the moment
it's normal to have the torpedo tubes next to or in front of helicopter hangar. so it can use the same torpedo magazine as the helicopter.

I would say it better that Arleigh class burke or Kongo class or Sejong The Great, specially the last one, due to they are as good as they can be of it's type.

At the moment you'r design look like an cargo ship that have an destroyer added on to it.

And I am not harsh, I am just saying it, with no filter... if you want filter from me... well I am from North Norway...

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nah i appreciate critics, at least i know whats wrong with design. I made her to be high on purpose, although now when i look at the design, on high seas that could make ship less stable.
- Cut ship height
- where to put aft VLS launchers? ideas?, i could add it in front, extending it but then it will be cruiser not an destroyer, even now with 177m its like cruiser,
- fixing superstructure
- any ideas how to make side funnel?
- moving torpedo tubes back towards the hangar

okay, back to the drawing board:):),

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I'm at work at the moment, but take a look at how the americans did it with the burk's, they have there helicopter deck one deck lower, then rest of the ship, thus they can have a lower hangar... Thus the VLS can get lower down.

Radar. Have a center funnel, but have the radar, either placed higher up or more out, so it can look over or around the funnel. For the radar, pretend the radar is Windows that you are looking out of. You want to see in any direction, without anything blocking the view.

Draw a simple top-view on a paper, it will help you with the placement of everything.

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The Japanese Atago-class has the vls on top of the hangar even without having the helipad one deck down like the burke. In any case, just by cutting hull and superstructure depth to figures similar to that of the Burkes or Atagos removes much of the topweigh effect.

Most other points mentioned by Heuhen still need to be adressed, but check out how slimmer the vessel looks by just cutting out 33 pixels (over 5 meters) of hull and superstructure height:
[ img ]

My Worklist
Sources and documentations are the most welcome.

-Koko Kyouwakoku (Republic of Koko)
-Koko's carrier-based aircrafts of WWII
-Koko Kaiun Yuso Kaisha - KoKaYu Line (Koko AU spinoff)
-Koko - Civil Aviation

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VLS cells don't need to be located in just one or two batteries, also. If the aft pad is, say, a 64 cell VLS, that's 8 x 8 cells, 4 groups long, two groups wide. Consider splitting it into two launcher groups, four long, one wide, and moving them forward somewhere if it will fit. you may be able to cut down your superstructure height amidships, and move missiles from valuable center hull space.

World's Best Okayest Author and Artist

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Ok, i added few smaller stuff on BB1987 fix, i think that now it looks far better then original,

[ img ]

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Still seems fairly bulky.

Look over the Halsey (That BB1987 helped with)...

[ img ]

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what make it look so bulky is that you have so massive underwater hull

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