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Post subject: Preparations for the Emperia AUPosted: October 30th, 2017, 11:57 pm
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I am beginning forum-side preparations for the Emperia AU, for which my map has been stolen by another group, so I find it prudent to post all of my preparations here instead :p
More will come in a little bit, but for now, here is my map and some other assorted things I have found.
[ img ]
Basic overview of the world WIP
[ img ]
Heimojenmaa, the northernmost land, a conglomerate of Kingdoms that have been battered together throughout history.
[ img ]
Bjørndalen, the northern kingdom of the Danes.
[ img ]
Kondarsland, the republic of the Kondars (Germans)
[ img ]
Anshan, the massive Persian republic, an industrial and political powerhouse, and controller of all trade in the strait.

More will be coming soon, at least as soon as I can get stuff together!

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