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Post subject: Re: Dominion of Newfoundland and LabradorPosted: July 24th, 2018, 8:39 pm
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Never let it be said that I don't listen to feedback. Especially when it comes to stretching my skills and working on something I haven't done before. Really been trying with this AU to do that, along with making a good AU. So all the feedback helps me get just a little better at this age of ship.
Hood wrote: *
It's a nice sloop design and a very good first WWII design effort.

I would be tempted to move the forecastle break at little further aft and perhaps enlarge the aft deckhouse for some more internal room, maybe another whaler or small boat amidships too, right now the midships area looks a little empty.
Agreed with the break. Scooched it back a tad, and added another boat as it would prove necessary to carry another; and to help flesh out the rather barren midships.
Krakatoa wrote: *
Interesting drawings and I concur with JSB and Hood, need a few more details to improve the look of the drawings.

For the 1943 version, there would be extra depth charge throwers mounted along the sides, aft, to give a better 'pattern' of charges. Those would have been mounted 1940-41. The extra afterdeck space Hood mentions could then also be used for extra depth charge storage. Much needed for the Atlantic Convoy escorts. Most destroyer escorts during this period were also removing the 'Y' gun as well (Have a look at the long range escorts converted 1940-41). Made handling the depth charges easier.

Most obvious missing bits from 1943 drawing is RADAR. The ships would have been fitted with air/sea search units and other bits and pieces. Have a look at the O/P class destroyers completed 1941-42 for the radar fittings that would probably be aboard.

With the 1952 drawing, the depth charge rails aft would have been removed by then. Again a lot of RADAR would have sprouted aboard ship.

A list of dimensions and other stats is always nice to have as well.
Again, this kind of feedback truly helps. I've redesigned my various ships a bit to try and give them a better feel. For the 1934, I've mostly just adjusted the cosmetics and added some detail and tried to adjust the shading. For the 1942, I've done away with the Y turret and added two pairs of K-guns, and I've kept the A turret in place. I've also added Type 286. I was going to cheap out on the radar, but I figured it was a war so why cheap on such an essential item? I've kept ASDIC however to reinforce their ASW capability for supporting convoys. And lastly for the 1952 I've again updated the electronics. I've kept the K-guns but removed the stern DC rack and replaced it with a Squid.

It's still not quite where I want them to be, but considering this is my first real attempt at a ground-up WWII ship as opposed to kit-bashing, it's slowly getting closer to what I think works. :oops:

As always, the feedback helps tremendously.

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Post subject: Re: Dominion of Newfoundland and LabradorPosted: July 25th, 2018, 6:33 pm
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Its looking much better now.
The only thing that might need some looking at is some form of support for the bridge wing searchlight.

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Post subject: Re: Dominion of Newfoundland and LabradorPosted: July 25th, 2018, 9:47 pm
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I like the improvements, may I suggest a few alterations?

The engine room looks like it has port holes do you need to remove some under funnel? maybe as far back as the start of the stern superstructure?

34 - the .5 could be on each side for better arcs and potentially to make space for TT (FFBNW :-P due to treaty) with boats put in space instead?

Maybe do a 39/40/41 fit? with TTs and couple of 20mm?

43 - Not sure it needs 40mm as its going to be used in North Atlantic for convoys not the Med due to lack of speed? (and 40mm where still very good and in high demand in 43)
- Would it also land another 4" forward for hedgehog?
- Maybe fit more accommodation or a raised walkway on deck so that the crew can bypass the engine room in big storms/swell?
- Not sure the director would be fitted, due to top weight and priority?

52 - Is it not over weight with far more masts/radars, large gun director, 3xtwin 3", 2 twin (complex) 40mm, lots of DC and Squid (very far to the stern)?

If we are thinking Newfoundland and now very secondary ships would it not make more seance to go for something with less AA power as it can be deployed a long way from hostile AA near home and send the new DDs/FFs to the other side if the Atlantic/World?

So say more RN frigate conversion like a cheaper smaller type 16?
- 1 twin (or keep old single for weight & budget reasons) 4" on bow (or twin 3" if you have closer supply to USN?)
- 2-4 single 40mm sides stern for good coverage
- Squid (not as far back)
- larger bridge and CIC and I would rebuild superstructure for and aft for better accommodation (so dry link from bow to stern over main deck and engine/boiler rooms)

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