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Post subject: Antara 2.5Posted: January 30th, 2018, 3:04 pm
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Antara 2.5


Since this AU is officially being rebooted (again), everything prior to 8 Oct 2019 is out of date and subject to updates. They won't be removed as they, at most, only need their history and some specifications changed. RIP me I've got a lot of work to do

[ img ]

[ img ]

Year 1284 to 1349

-Vescadia, Tuscadia and Desnian Antara declare their independence from their respective parent nations. Desnia grants independence, but Antara refuses Tuscadia and Vescadia. Third Antaran Civil War commences.

-Antara grants Vescadia and Tuscadia independance. They reform into the nations of Ilyanora, Osomeda and Arboura.
-Empress Coraline I passes reformations for the Antaran navy in hopes of making her navy a global power.

-Empress Azura II of Antara.
-Co-prosparity of Pan-Antara formed, between Ilyanora, Osomeda, Arboura and Arcadia.

-Discovery of Hampton island, claimed by Wesmere. Hampton becomes a naval base.

-Hangzhou declares their independence from Zhangzhou. Civil war ensues.

-Heinrich von Friedeberg becomes High Prophet of the Church of Numenism, as well as defacto leader of Siegmaria. He is massively popular religious figure.
-Zhangzhou Civil War ends. Hangzhou gains their independence.

-Years of border tensions spark the Arburg-Teldau war.

-Great War begins
-Karland joins the Arburg-Teldau war on the side of Teldau.
-Wüstmark joins the side of Arburg.
-Wüstmark declares war on Warnitz due to cultural tensions.
-Libeccia threatens war with Wüstmark if they continue to fight with Warnitz.
-Wesmere and threatens Libeccia with a trade embargo if they go to war with Wüstmark, one of Wesmere's trade partners.
-Saliam also threatens Libeccia with war if they attack Wüstmark.
-Threats are ignored, Libeccia goes to war with Wüstmark, Saliam and Wesmere declare war on Libeccia.
-Saliam, Wesmere, Karland and Wüstmark form the Western Alliance.
-Warnitz, Arburg and Libeccia form the Iron Pact.

-Arburg takes control of Teldau.
-Belesia invades Eichburg, intent on securing oil reserves in the northern regions. Sacktannen joins Belesia, intent on reclaiming territory lost 280 years ago.
-Desnia invades Belesia with the same goal of securing resources they have conquered.
-Siegmaria, motivated by religious duty, declare war on Karland, Arburg and Warnitz with the hope of stabilising the region. -Saliam and Wesmere declare war on Siegmaria due to alliance obligations.
-Acting on their divine duty to protect the ancient holy land, Siegmaria declares war on the Western Alliance and the Iron Pact with the aim of stabilizing Aemore once again. Siegmaria convinces the Antaran government to aid them in their objective with the assurance that they will be able to conquer Hampton Island from Wesmere and colonial territory in Alcamba.

-Great War begins ends. Siegmaria has conquered Arburg, former Taldau, Wüstmark, Warnitz, Saliam and Karland and made them vessels. Desnia has conquered Belesia and Eichburg, now bordering Siegmaria. Libeccia has seized all Wüstmark territory west of the Einz River and borders Saliam. Antara seized all colonial territory in the Veravane, as well as New Blackwick and Hampton Is. from Wesmere and Karland West Alcamba. Hampton Is. is renamed to Sencadia and is becomes her province.
-Emperor William V of Antara.

-Evinheim Naval Treaty.
-Hangzhou annexes Hanlang.

-Umkani-Takakanenga War. Both nations fight over colonial territory in Izhari.

-Umkani-Takakanenga War ends.

-Empire of Osora declares war on Zhangzhou. Osora-Zang War begins.
-Antara offers aid to Zhangzhou, seizing Zhentou in the process for use as a naval base.

-Zhangzhou surrenders to Osora, Antara seizes the rest of Zhentou to present Osoran occupation, starting the Two-Week war with Hangzhou who owned south Zhentou. Osora-Zang War ends.

-Siegmaria annexes Sacktannen.
-Empire of Osora goes to war with Hangzhou. Osora-Hang War. Tachui is secured within a month.

-Empress Willamina III of Antara.
-Tensions brew in Aemore as Siegmaria announce their intentions to unite Aemore and a single banner and religion. There is both wide support and condemnation. Desnia, Wesmere and Antara condemn the warmongering and religious dogma.

-Treaty of Yahazaki. Osora-Hang War ends. Hangzhou cedes coastal territory to Osora.

-Harchester Incident brings Wesmere on the brink of war with Siegmaria. Siegmaria threatens to invade Wesmere's colonial holdings in Alcamba, vassal'd Saliam and Libeccia also threaten to seize colonial territory in the Scyllic.
-Siegmaria blockades New Kinchester, Saliam and Libeccian ships deploy to the Scyllic. Osora, Siegmaria and her vassals as well as Libeccia form the Central Pact. Pan-Antara (Arboura, Arcadia, Ilyanora and Osomeda) join the Central Pact and prepare to invade Antara.

-Antara begins sending convoys to assist Wesmere.

-Siegmaria invades New Kinchester, Osora attacks Antara's Scyllic naval base and invades Hanzhou, Antaran Zhentou and various Antaran Scyllic islands. Pan-Antara invades Antara. The World War begins. Antara, Wesmere and Hangzhou form an alliance (simply referred to as 'the Alliance'.

-Bahatia's colony of Dhaveepi is invaded by Osora. Bahatia joins the Alliance.
-Siegmaria invades Wesmere.
-Desnia is invaded by Siegmaria and Osora. Desnia joins the Alliance.
-Takakanenga joins the Alliance, threatened by Osoran aggression.

-Antara and Arcadia sign a peace treaty.
-Hangzhou surrenders to Osora.

-Antara and the remainder of Pan-Antara sign a peace treaty.
-Osora signs a peace treaty with Desnia.

-Antara and Wesmere occupy Friedeland, Siegmaria's colony in Alcamba.
-Desnia begins to push Siegmaria back and Osora back.
-Antara invades Aemore through Saliam.

-Antara invades the Osoran mainland
-Libeccia surrenders.

-Desnia liberates Hangzhou and Zhangzhou from Osora.
-Siegmaria surrenders after Desnia and Antara seize the capital of Evinheim.

-Desnia conquers Heryu from Osora.
-Antara conquers Osora.
-The World War ends.

The Setting Sun - by Captain Michael Shaw of ARS Erin (mini-novel)[Outdated]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Evinheim Naval Treaty of 1323 (ENT)

European Theater:[Outdated]
The Mediterranean/Atlantic theater of war - In summary

Pacific Theater:[Outdated]

The Pacific theater of war - In summary
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Detailed battles[Outdated]

18 June 1940 - Attack on Port Isla. Antara’s Pacific base (Pearl Harbour analogue) attacked, heavy losses, Antara enters war.
4 December 1940 - Battle off Manila. Antara attempts to evacuate troops from the Philippines, limited success as Japanese task force intercepts evacuation units.
12 January 1941 - Battle of the Java Sea, ABDA attempt at an early war decisive battle ended in a disastrous Allied defeat. ABDA disbanded due to heavily losses. Pacific British and Dutch sea power destroyed.
7 April 1941 - Battle of the Solomon Sea, first carrier battle in the world that decides the fate of Port Moresby. Allied defeat, resulting in the successful occupation of New Guinea by Japan. Australia is invaded later.
4 August 1942 - Battle of Vescadia, Japanese victory leaves Antara with only one remaining major naval base in the Pacific. Used as a stepping for their eventual attempt at a second attack on Port Isla, Tuscadian Islands.
18-26 October 1942 - Battle of the Solomon Islands. Several naval battles occur for control of the Solomons, heavy losses on both sides. Allied victory.
7-28 March 1943 - Battle of Tuscadia, Japan invades Antara’s main Pacific base of Port Isla once again. Allied victory. Turning point of the war. Land battle lasts several weeks, four naval battles occur, giving Japan major setbacks.
30 July-5 August 1944 - Battle of the Philippine Sea, Antara’s second attempt at a decisive battle that ends in the removal of Japan’s seapower, at a huge cost for both sides.
14 September 1947 - V-Day in the Pacific. Japan surrenders, the Second World War is over.

[ img ] Next on my work list : a destroyer

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: January 30th, 2018, 3:05 pm
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Ship classes of the Antaran Navy


Cambria class (1314-1316)
Ember class (1316-1317)
Chiaki class (1318-1321)
Winters class (1320-1322)
Oscar class (1324-1325)
Arabella class (1328)
Paris class (1330)
Jinora class (1333-1334)
Leo class (1334-1336)
Heidi class (1339-1340)[Outdated]
Shannon class (1344-1347)[Outdated]
Syce class (1346-1348)


Dominique class (1326-1330)[Outdated]
Valentine class (1343-1345)[Outdated]
Cora class (1344-1346)[Outdated]
Farber and Memphis class (1344-1347)


Mordred class (1340)[Outdated]
Domez class (1343-1345)[Outdated]

Light cruisers

Maizono class (1319)
Princeton class (1326-1328)[Outdated]
Sinclair class (1334-1338)[Outdated]
Jacinta class (1338-1341)[Outdated]
Maya class (1339-1343)[Outdated]
Jericho class (1344-1347)[Outdated]
St Azia class (1350)[Outdated]

Heavy cruisers

Cascadia class (1326-1329)[Outdated]
Juno class (1332-1335)[Outdated]
Eisenburg class (1334-1335)[Outdated]
Alexandria class (1336-1339)[Outdated]
Iris class (1338-1340)[Outdated]
Shiloh class (1342-1347)

Project CH-11C (Kannevets)

Guided missile cruisers

Carida City class (1380-1400)[Outdated]


Cheridon class (1311)
Arcadia class (1313-1316)
Nucadia class (1335-1336)[Outdated]


St Katherine class (1316-1319)
St Mia class (1317-1319)[Outdated]
Ardenton class (1317-1320)
Empress Victoria class (1323-1324)[Outdated]
Princess Erica class (1337-1340)[Outdated]
Empress Azura class (1342-1345)[Outdated]
Emperor William IV class (1343)[Outdated]

Fleet Carriers

Carpathia class (1339)
New Andreas class (1342-1345)[Outdated]
Deadre class (1345-1347)
Umbara class (1347-1349)

Assault Carriers

White Coast class (1340-1343)[Outdated]
Amber March class (1343-1345)

Light Carriers

Saskia Bay (1344)
Victoria Bay (1345)

Escort Carriers

Atamont Bay class (1342-1345)
Montarrel Bay class (1344-1349)

Fleet Submarines

V-78 class
V-84 (Misriah) class (1936-1938)[Outdated]

Other ships

Coastal patrol boats of the World War
Sub chasers of the World War

Errant Express class Ocean Liner (1319)[Outdated]


M51 Assault rifle

Ship classes of the Imperial Osoran Navy


Suzume class (1345-1346)

Ship classes of the Royal Wesmeric Navy


D class (1334-1335)

[ img ] Next on my work list : a destroyer

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: January 30th, 2018, 3:07 pm
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Oscar class destroyer

[ img ]

Developed from the Winters class, the Oscar class made a major leap in displacement and a substantial improvement over Antara's already solid Great War era destroyers. It was the first in the navy to mount a dual purpose artillery and long range torpedoes (8.2 km at 38 knots). A common drawback to Antara's early post-GW destroyers were the lack of powerful power plants for it's destroyers, Oscar boasted only 34 knots during trials. Most of the Oscar class served in the Freyatic during the World War, as they were considered inefficient to combat Osora's own destroyers, and instead were regulated to ASW and merchant convoy escorts.

[ img ]

[ img ]

[ img ]

Torpedoes - 4x4 530mm
Main battery - 4x1 127mm/45
Speed - 34.2 knots average
Displacement - 1,215 tonnes

Ships in class:

Oscar - Sunk in surface action, 1342
Osbourne - Sunk during attack on Port Isla, 1342
Vickers - Scrapped, 1349
Allessia - Sunk during attack on Port Isla, 1342
Kara - Torpedoed by U-boat, 1346
Northpoint - Scrapped, 1349
Harada - Torpedoed, 1343
Daphne - Sunk in surface action, 1343

[ img ] Next on my work list : a destroyer

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Arabella class destroyer

[ img ]

The Arabella class destroyers was developed from the previous Oscar destroyers. The notable improvement being the additional 127mm mount. The total length was increased to support the added weight as well as to support a newer engine room, which resolved the previous issue of speed, the Arabella class clocked in at an average of 37.8 knots.

The limited firing arc of the #3 mount prompted several captains, not just on the Arabella class, to have it removed and replaced with 38mm autocannons guns, this became more popular as the war dragged on and Osoran airpower was noted.

[ img ]

[ img ]

[ img ]

[ img ]

Main battery - 5x1 127mm/45
Torpedoes - 2x4 530mm
Speed - 37.8 knots average
Displacement - 1550 tonnes

Non-camouflaged versions - https://imgur.com/a/GuSf5Tf

Ships in class

Arabella - Sunk in action, 1344
Emily - Sunk in action, 1344
Septam - Scrapped, 1350
Vera - Scrapped, 1350
Komaru - Sunk in action, 1344
Eastwood - Sunk in action, 1342
Runa - Sunk in action, 1344
Enzo - Sunk in action, 1344

[ img ] Next on my work list : a destroyer

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: January 30th, 2018, 7:48 pm
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Great work, glad you are finally posting all this stuff. We need more AUs with drawings ;)

USN components, camouflage colors, & reference links (World War II only)

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: January 30th, 2018, 8:40 pm
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Wow, these are really nice destroyers.

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: January 30th, 2018, 9:43 pm
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Vicker's scheme is 10/10. I hope you get your other classes ready soon.

w o r k l i s t :
Hatsuyuki-class Escort Ships . . . <3

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: January 31st, 2018, 4:00 pm
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Thanks for the comments everyone!

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: January 31st, 2018, 4:04 pm
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Jinora class destroyer

[ img ]

The Jinora classes inherited the same basic shape as the Arabella and Oscar class with a slight increase in length, but was the first Antaran destroyer class to mount 610mm torpedoes, based on the Kurodai scare. The new torpedoes were only marginally better in terms of range and speed but mounted a bigger warhead, but despite this they were still a far cry to the power the oxygen torpedoes the Osoran navy used.

The battery remained the same with an improvement to the mounts, now being powered, the quicker rotation meant it was able to track aircraft more effectively. It's AA suite received small updates in the addition of single 40mm guns which were added sparingly due to the small amount of supply.

[ img ]

[ img ]

[ img ]

Main battery - 5x1 127mm/45
Torpedoes - 2x4 610mm
Speed - 38.1 knots
Displacement - 1670 tonnes

Ships in class

Jinora - Scrapped, 1351
Lea - Sunk during attack on Port Isla, 1342
Debara - Sunk during attack on Port Isla, 1342
Vesenu - Sunk in action, 1343
Helena - Scrapped, 1350
Lorraine - Sunk in action, 1344
Carrywood - Sunk in action, 1342
Farrow - Sunk in action, 1344
Speirs - Scrapped, 1349
Anara - Sunk by Kamikaze, 1348
Jivera - Sunk in action, 1344

[ img ] Next on my work list : a destroyer

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: February 2nd, 2018, 7:50 pm
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Leo and Natalie class destroyers

[ img ]

The Leo class, compared to the previous Jinora class, featured a revised gun and machinery layout, as well as a general change in the class's overall layout. Both torpedo launchers were placed on the same deck level which allowed for more compartment space space and made the main deck less crowded. The Leo class was also longer and had her displacement increase by 50 tonnes, bringing her to 1600 tonnes, which was pretty large for her time. Her beam became wider to correct the top heaviness of previous classes.

The Natalie classes followed in 1338 and were essentially a repeat. Both classes were considered solid warships and thus saw the most action, and in turn had the highest losses of any classes in the Antaran Navy during the WW, however in addition 66 Osoran, Siegmaric and Libeccian were sunk by members of both classes, also giving it the highest kill count in the Navy.

[ img ]

[ img ]

[ img ]

[ img ]

Main battery - 5x1 127mm/45
Torpedoes - 2x4 610mm
Speed - 37-38 knots
Displacement - 1600 tonnes standard

Ships in class

Leo Class

Leo - Sunk in action, 1346
Kameron - Sunk in action, 1346
Ellana - Scrapped, 1355
Ashwood - Scrapped, 1354
Richmond - Sunk in action, 1342
Caleb - Scrapped, 1355
Zeela - Sunk in action, 1344
Nathan - Scrapped, 1350
Angelo - Sunk in action, 1344
Lara - Sunk in action, 1342
Chimar - Sunk in action, 1343
Katherine - Scrapped, 1355
Brianhart - Sunk in action, 1342
Tatum - Scrapped, 1350

[ img ]

[ img ]

Natalie class

Natalie - Scrapped, 1348
Mei - Sunk in action, 1344
Arden - Sunk in action, 1342
Edwards - Sunk during attack on Port Isla, 1342
Siren - Scrapped, 1349
Corwood - Sunk in action, 1343
Daisy - Sunk by friendly fire, 1344
Delila - Sunk by kamikaze, 1347
Urana - Sunk in action, 1342
Benton - Sunk in action, 1344
Heather - Sunk during attack on Port Isla, 1342
Teagon - Sunk by kamikaze, 1346
Veswood - Sunk by kamikaze, 1347
Sadara - Sunk in action, 1343
Harper - Torpedoed, 1342
De Marc - Scrapped, 1349
Cassidy - Sunk in action, 1344

[ img ] Next on my work list : a destroyer

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