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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: July 7th, 2019, 5:47 am
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Very nice work!

[ img ]
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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: July 9th, 2019, 11:52 am
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Another impressive series of destroyers, keep up the amazing work my friend.

Work list: 1. IJN Ise class battleship(~20% done) 2. Molt sol augustus Class battleship(~45% done) 3. Type 1934A class destroyers (Ongoing Project) 4. Classified Project (~redacted% done)

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: August 7th, 2019, 10:54 pm
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White Coast class assault carrier

[ img ]

In 1936, the final months of the construction of the Carpathia class fleet carriers revealed several flaws to Antara's new carrier programme. While some issues could be corrected in future classes, a major issue with the carriers themselves were the long construction times. Carpathia took four years to construct, although this was an anomaly with the class itself, it did get the navy thinking about smaller vessels that might be needed as it seemed that Japan was a very likely enemy, who of which had been pioneering the aircraft carrier concept at the time. While the fleet carrier was not thrown out - in fact the navy wanted more - but the Bureau of Naval Construction and Repair had been given the task of developing a new type of carrier that could be constructed in half the time (of Carpathia, 2 years) and serve more as a fleet escort than the core of a battle fleet.

In late 1936, the final plans for the White Coast class were being drafted. The 'assault carrier' was unique only to WW2 and late pre-war Antara, and was described as a vessel larger than an escort or light carrier, but smaller than a fleet carrier, whose role in the fleet was as a support ship, though some historians prefer to think of them as simply purpose-built light carriers. The White Coasts needed to be able to keep up with the battle speed of the navy's cruisers and have the range to operate as far out as the Philippines. White Coast was rated at 34 knots, exceeding her design speed, and had a range of 10k nm at 18 knots. While the navy would later like the ships they received, the Bureau failed in the one task the class was built for, in that it still took as much time to build as a fleet carrier, taking three years to construct. Taking it further, the hoped rapid construction of these carriers would allow them to be active as soon as a war broke out, however due to the circumstances surrounding the outbreak of WW2, none of the three vessels left home waters until almost a year had gone by.

Following the Port Isla attack in June 1940, Antara's neighbours declared war along with Japan, which meant that the seas surrounding the Colonet naval base and shipyards were now contested waters. Straits needed to be crossed in order to reach the Pacific Ocean, and as the Antarans had predicted the straights were heavily mined and watched by coastal batteries. While Antara avoided docking her vessels at Colonet, the war had come too sudden and her three White Coasts were essentially trapped in port/shipyard. White Coast and Cape Carida were already completed, but only Cape Carida had received her airgroup and Deadre Coast was still under construction for several more weeks. Colonet was the prime target for Ilyanora due to its importance to Antara's industry and military and within a few weeks of the war's start, the city was under siege.

Strangely enough, in conjuction with army airforce planes, Cape Carida sortied her planes to meet the enemy who were often only a few kilometers from her. During the several months siege, White Coast had a massive hole put in her bow from an enemy submarine and both carriers had their decks destroyed by constant air raids. Deadre Coast was abandoned a couple of times, with the workers being forced to resume once the enemy was pushed back momentarily. The navy assured that the straits that granted access to the ocean would be swept, and almost as long as the siege itself, the navy and army had cleared the passage, not that their haste had mattered, as all carriers required more time in the dockyard for repairs following the end of the siege.

In July 1941, White Coast and Cape Carida had arrived at Port Isla at last to begin operations against the Japanese. Both vessels saw extensive combat in the island hopping campaigns of the time, flying combat air patrol and assisting ground forces in raiding and capturing various Japanese held islands. On 21-22 September, the two sister ships were in the middle conducting operations when they were greeted with aircraft from the opposing force, specifically Zuiryuu and Zuikaku. These fleet carriers were exactly what they were not supposed to face. Neither of the captains were trained in particular to deal with the dedicated attack from an enemy carrier force and were thus completely unprepared. The Battle of the Marshall Islands saw the initial sinking of White Coast, followed by Zuiryuu the following day which was actually by a submarine rather than the counterattacking Cape Carida.

Carida would get her revenge in 1943, being among the many carriers to participate in the Battle of Tuscadia, which saw the destruction of four Japanese fleet carriers. Cape Carida would be the only of her class to survive the war, being present and active in many battles throughout. Carida took a Kamikaze hit in 1944 and 1945. She continued her service until 1949, where she was decommissioned and used as a target ship. Failing to sink as a target ship, she was scuttled as a reef ship in 1952. Cape Carida received ten battle stars for her service. White Coast received three battle stars for her actions in the Marshalls and Gilberts, as well as on the home front in 1940/1941.

Deadre Coast arrived in the Pacific in very late 1941, after White Coast's sinking, and saw minor action in the Solomon Islands as part of the 'Coral Sea' task force. Even despite that, she was regularly tasked with sailing to the Solomons to conduct air attacks in the very heavily contested Guadalcanal region. On 15 June 1942, Deadre's task force was spotted by Japanese scout aircraft and submarine I-8 saw an opportunity to get famous. With four torpedoes to her starboard, Deadre Coast went down with 1200 of her crewmen after damage control could not keep the ship stable enough to allow for a safe abandonment of the vessel. Deadre received two battle stars for her very brief service.

[ img ]

[ img ]

[ img ]

[ img ]

[ img ]

Ships in class

White Coast - sunk in action, 1941
Cape Carida - used as target ship, sunk as reef ship, 1952
Deadre Coast - sunk in action, 1942

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: August 8th, 2019, 1:40 pm
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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: August 10th, 2019, 8:06 am
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Fantastic work!

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: August 12th, 2019, 9:02 am
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Very nice work.

I would be tempted to raise the funnels though to make sure the smoke and hot air turbulence is higher to prevent interference with aircraft landings.

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Post subject: Re: AntaraPosted: October 8th, 2019, 8:13 pm
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Antara 2.5

I have been planning to reboot my 'Antaraverse' for a long time, and it's not the first time I've done it. This time however I won't be creating a new thread to do it, hence the 2.5 in the title. The reason I've wanted to do this was because it always bugged me that Antara did not fit in the real world as the backstory was far fetched and I even created an entirely new landmass where North America used to be. Instead, what I needed was an entirely new world to place her in - with different continents, nations, and history.

It was a lot of work to simply get the basics done for this transfer. I've created a very basic world timeline that I'm not yet ready to share, instead there will be a local timeline that provides a bare minimum understanding of the time period I draw my vessels in. In order to keep most of the history and ships, several world events and nations will have IRL counterparts. The nations that are prominent are shown below with a small explanation of each. In addition I've also linked a gallery with some maps of the world. The dating system used is also different from IRL due to a completely different history.

Since this AU is officially being rebooted (again), everything prior to 8 Oct 2019 is now out of date and subject to updates. They won't be removed as they, at most, only need their history and some specifications changed. RIP me I've got a lot of work to do

[ img ]

[ img ]

Year 1284 to 1349

-Vescadia, Tuscadia and Desnian Antara declare their independence from their respective parent nations. Desnia grants independence, but Antara refuses Tuscadia and Vescadia. Third Antaran Civil War commences.

-Antara grants Vescadia and Tuscadia independance. They reform into the nations of Ilyanora, Osomeda and Arboura.
-Empress Coraline I passes reformations for the Antaran navy in hopes of making her navy a global power.

-Empress Azura II of Antara.
-Co-prosparity of Pan-Antara formed, between Ilyanora, Osomeda, Arboura and Arcadia.

-Discovery of Hampton island, claimed by Wesmere. Hampton becomes a naval base.

-Hangzhou declares their independence from Zhangzhou. Civil war ensues.

-Heinrich von Friedeberg becomes High Prophet of the Church of Numenism, as well as defacto leader of Siegmaria. He is massively popular religious figure.
-Zhangzhou Civil War ends. Hangzhou gains their independence.

-Years of border tensions spark the Arburg-Teldau war.

-Great War begins
-Karland joins the Arburg-Teldau war on the side of Teldau.
-Wüstmark joins the side of Arburg.
-Wüstmark declares war on Warnitz due to cultural tensions.
-Libeccia threatens war with Wüstmark if they continue to fight with Warnitz.
-Wesmere and threatens Libeccia with a trade embargo if they go to war with Wüstmark, one of Wesmere's trade partners.
-Saliam also threatens Libeccia with war if they attack Wüstmark.
-Threats are ignored, Libeccia goes to war with Wüstmark, Saliam and Wesmere declare war on Libeccia.
-Saliam, Wesmere, Karland and Wüstmark form the Western Alliance.
-Warnitz, Arburg and Libeccia form the Iron Pact.

-Arburg takes control of Teldau.
-Belesia invades Eichburg, intent on securing oil reserves in the northern regions. Sacktannen joins Belesia, intent on reclaiming territory lost 280 years ago.
-Desnia invades Belesia with the same goal of securing resources they have conquered.
-Siegmaria, motivated by religious duty, declare war on Karland, Arburg and Warnitz with the hope of stabilising the region. -Saliam and Wesmere declare war on Siegmaria due to alliance obligations.
-Acting on their divine duty to protect the ancient holy land, Siegmaria declares war on the Western Alliance and the Iron Pact with the aim of stabilizing Aemore once again. Siegmaria convinces the Antaran government to aid them in their objective with the assurance that they will be able to conquer Hampton Island from Wesmere and colonial territory in Alcamba.

-Great War begins ends. Siegmaria has conquered Arburg, former Taldau, Wüstmark, Warnitz, Saliam and Karland and made them vessels. Desnia has conquered Belesia and Eichburg, now bordering Siegmaria. Libeccia has seized all Wüstmark territory west of the Einz River and borders Saliam. Antara seized all colonial territory in the Veravane, as well as New Blackwick and Hampton Is. from Wesmere and Karland West Alcamba. Hampton Is. is renamed to Sencadia and is becomes her province.
-Emperor William V of Antara.

-Evinheim Naval Treaty.
-Hangzhou annexes Hanlang.

-Umkani-Takakanenga War. Both nations fight over colonial territory in Izhari.

-Umkani-Takakanenga War ends.

-Empire of Osora declares war on Zhangzhou. Osora-Zang War begins.
-Antara offers aid to Zhangzhou, seizing Zhentou in the process for use as a naval base.

-Zhangzhou surrenders to Osora, Antara seizes the rest of Zhentou to present Osoran occupation, starting the Two-Week war with Hangzhou who owned south Zhentou. Osora-Zang War ends.

-Siegmaria annexes Sacktannen.
-Empire of Osora goes to war with Hangzhou. Osora-Hang War. Tachui is secured within a month.

-Empress Willamina III of Antara.
-Tensions brew in Aemore as Siegmaria announce their intentions to unite Aemore and a single banner and religion. There is both wide support and condemnation. Desnia, Wesmere and Antara condemn the warmongering and religious dogma.

-Treaty of Yahazaki. Osora-Hang War ends. Hangzhou cedes coastal territory to Osora.

-Harchester Incident brings Wesmere on the brink of war with Siegmaria. Siegmaria threatens to invade Wesmere's colonial holdings in Alcamba, vassal'd Saliam and Libeccia also threaten to seize colonial territory in the Scyllic.
-Siegmaria blockades New Kinchester, Saliam and Libeccian ships deploy to the Scyllic. Osora, Siegmaria and her vassals as well as Libeccia form the Central Pact. Pan-Antara (Arboura, Arcadia, Ilyanora and Osomeda) join the Central Pact and prepare to invade Antara.

-Antara begins sending convoys to assist Wesmere.

-Siegmaria invades New Kinchester, Osora attacks Antara's Scyllic naval base and invades Hanzhou, Antaran Zhentou and various Antaran Scyllic islands. Pan-Antara invades Antara. The World War begins. Antara, Wesmere and Hangzhou form an alliance (simply referred to as 'the Alliance'.

-Bahatia's colony of Dhaveepi is invaded by Osora. Bahatia joins the Alliance.
-Siegmaria invades Wesmere.
-Desnia is invaded by Siegmaria and Osora. Desnia joins the Alliance.
-Takakanenga joins the Alliance, threatened by Osoran aggression.

-Antara and Arcadia sign a peace treaty.
-Hangzhou surrenders to Osora.

-Antara and the remainder of Pan-Antara sign a peace treaty.
-Osora signs a peace treaty with Desnia.

-Antara and Wesmere occupy Friedeland, Siegmaria's colony in Alcamba.
-Desnia begins to push Siegmaria back and Osora back.
-Antara invades Aemore through Saliam.

-Antara invades the Osoran mainland
-Libeccia surrenders.

-Desnia liberates Hangzhou and Zhangzhou from Osora.
-Siegmaria surrenders after Desnia and Antara seize the capital of Evinheim.

-Desnia conquers Heryu from Osora.
-Antara conquers Osora.
-The World War ends.

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Post subject: Re: Antara 2.5Posted: October 9th, 2019, 10:07 am
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Farber and Memphis class light frigates

[ img ]

Constructed alongside the Cora class 'heavy' frigates, the Farbers were designed for the Freyatic Fleet and were smaller with a lighter main battery, indicative of the thought that they would never encounter an enemy vessel larger than a submarine. There were many that believed 127mm/45 single was still over kill for a vessel of its size, but the Navy had such as surplus of the mount that it was decided to be fitted regardless. The main battery provided excellent anti-surface and anti-air protection due to its high right of fire, powered drives and fire control. The main battery was supplemented with a light torpedo armament of one triple 533mm torpedo launcher for emergency purposes. Anti-aircraft armament as built was made up of 38mm and 25mm guns at various points of the ship.

As the class was focused primarily around ASW, the Farbers featured K-guns, stern mounted depth charges and a forward firing ASW mortar. Farber's simplified design was meant to decrease construction times and allow for mass production. Between the Coras and Farbers, the Farbers were the most favorable as the Coras larger size and gun armament was found to be unnecessary, thus the Farber was further developed into the succeeding Memphis class 'light' frigates.

[ img ]

[ img ]

The differences between Memphis and Farber were subtle. Memphis was slightly longer to accommodate a larger engine to bring her up to 25 knots, as opposed to Farber's 23 knots. Memphis featured no torpedoes from the get go as they were deemed unnecessary, instead being replaced with additional 25mm. Between all three classes, the hull was continually simplified.

[ img ]

[ img ]

Ships in Farber class

Farber - scrapped, 1359
Maribel - scrapped, 1358
Harrison - scrapped, 1358
Heckman - scrapped, 1359
Lagusa - scrapped, 1358
Russel - scrapped, 1359
Dawson - sunk as target ship, 1356
Nathalie - scrapped, 1359
Anastasia - scrapped, 1357
Lockwood - scrapped, 1359
Sobel - sunk, 1347
Carson - scrapped, 1357
Faraday - scrapped, 1358
Virginia - scrapped, 1358
Reed - scrapped, 1359
Suzette - scrapped, 1359
Caledonia - scrapped, 1358
Degiso - scrapped, 1358
Hoagland - scrapped, 1358
Donatella - sunk, 1347
Sapers - scrapped, 1358

Ships in Memphis class

Memphis - scrapped, 1358
Argenta - scrapped, 1358
D. Fitzgerald - scrapped, 1358
Clayton - scrapped, 1359
Baker - scrapped, 1359
Joyce - sunk as target ship, 1354
Gibbs - scrapped, 1357
Morgan - scrapped, 1358
Green - sunk as target ship, 1359
Peko - scrapped, 1357
Pratt - scrapped, 1359
Ward - scrapped, 1358
Dixon - scrapped, 1359
Benton - scrapped, 1358
Carver - sunk as target ship, 1352
Connor - scrapped, 1359
Sanders - scrapped, 1357
Chapman - scrapped, 1358
Stewart - scrapped, 1359
Hartman - scrapped, 1357
Shannon M. - scrapped, 1357
Hadrey - scrapped, 1359
Rios - scrapped, 1358
Rice - scrapped, 1359
Butler - scrapped, 1357
Mayo - scrapped, 1358
Ryan - scrapped, 1357
Payne - scrapped, 1359
J.A. Cooper - scrapped, 1359
Mendoza - scrapped, 1358
Walton - sunk, 1347
Allison F. - scrapped, 1359
M. King - scrapped, 1358
Johnston - scrapped, 1359
Tyler - sunk as target ship, 1352
Garnett - scrapped, 1357
Tsumiki - scrapped, 1358
Ford - scrapped, 1358
Romero - scrapped, 1359
Holland - scrapped, 1358
Clementine - scrapped, 1357
Little - scrapped, 1358
Francis - scrapped, 1359
Garret - scrapped, 1358
Nelson - sunk, 1345
F. Davids - scrapped, 1358
Larson - scrapped, 1358
Bailey - scrapped, 1359
Woods - sunk as target ship, 1354
Dawson - scrapped, 1358
Gates - scrapped, 1359
Lopez - scrapped, 1358
Andrews - scrapped, 1357
Schroeder - scrapped, 1358
Castillo - sunk as target ship, 1358
McKenzie - scrapped, 1359
Marsh - scrapped, 1358
J.F. Cooper - scrapped, 1359
Desi - sunk, 1346
Roth - scrapped, 1358
Mendez - scrapped, 1357
Lara - sunk as target ship, 1359
Frost - scrapped, 1358
Haleday - scrapped, 1357

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Post subject: Re: Antara 2.5Posted: October 9th, 2019, 10:41 am
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Nice work? but 1340's-1350's and WW2 look destroyers? Does Antara Universe follow different calendar?

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Post subject: Re: Antara 2.5Posted: October 9th, 2019, 12:03 pm
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in his Antara 2.5 post he says that this world doesn't have the same calendar as our world
also that is a pretty nice looking frigate my dude

Work list: 1. IJN Ise class battleship(~20% done) 2. Molt sol augustus Class battleship(~45% done) 3. Type 1934A class destroyers (Ongoing Project) 4. Classified Project (~redacted% done)

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