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Post subject: Large Surface Combatant (LSC) or CG-74Posted: October 5th, 2020, 8:47 pm
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Hello everyone, over the past couple of years the USN has started the Large Surface Combatant Program (LSC) to replace the ageing Ticonderoga's and some of the older Burkes that are currently the workhorse of the fleet. While not much is known about it, several of us have done a fair amount of speculation as to what we think the program will result in.

This article is a good summary of the program to date : ... ip/lsc.htm

Anyways, going off what was outlined in that article and my own personnel requirements I came up with my current configuration. The ship itself is primarly based around being a large AAW escort for a carrier group, hence the large 18' SPY-6's and 112 VLS cells. My design features 2 x 5" Mk 45/62 guns, (I had originally considered AGS-Lite) and of course a large missile battery. A total of 112 Mk 57 VLS cells are spread out arounf the ship, 48 superfiring the fore gun, and 64 behind the helipad. Although there is not currently center-mounted Mk 57, I believe something like this will likely appear in the future to accomodate the growing size of today's missiles. These are of course supported by my 4 x 18' SPY-6 radars for the AMDR combat system, each antenna contains 69 RMA's and the effects of this are shown in this PDF. ... ruSk5GLs7j PDF WARNING

For ASuW purposes, a total of 4 NSM box launchers are provided, for a total of 16 missiles. also note that more could be carried via VLS. These take the location of where I previously had a large Pershing III battery (SCUD's) that I imagined them being deployed as suppression weapons against shore installations. Another feature my LSC includes is a hanger bay for V-280 Valor derivatives, essentially Seahawk replacements, a total of three could be carried, with two in the hanger and one on the helipad. I have posted all of these in the Parts Sheet thread. Close defense cover is provided by 2 x high-energy lasers mounted on top of the superstructure and hanger, and 4 x 30mm CIWS for defense against small boats.

This was a fun drawing, and my fifth (and hopefully final) major redesign, but regardless, enjoy! Thoughts, comments, and suggestions are always welcome. Also not, I changed it up quite a bit over the last couple of days, so take another look! ... nknown.png
(Open Link for Image)

Length : 655 feet
Beam : 80 feet
Draft : 28 feet to keel

Standard Displacement : 16,000 tons
Full Load : ~20,500 tons

2 x MT30 & Integrated Power System

Electronics & Sensors
4 x 18' SPY-6 radars for AMDR
1 x AN/SPQ-9B
1 x SPS-73(V)18
2 x AN/SPG-62 Illuminators
SQQ-89 Sonar Array
SLQ-61 Towed Sonar Array
Zumwalt IFF
Zumwalt CEC

2 x Mk 45 5"/62
Mk 57 VLS; 112 cells
4 x NSM launchers, 16 missiles total
2 x Mk 32 SVTT for Mk 54 CBASS torpedoes
2 x High-Energy Laser CIWS (Not based off of any design)
4 x 30mm CIWS

Aviation & Small Boats
2-3 V-280 Valor derivatives or of similar size, typically 2 SV-280's are carried
4 x RHIB

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Post subject: Re: Large Surface Combatant (LSC) or CG-74Posted: October 7th, 2020, 8:28 am
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Nice ship. That said the 600 foot Zumwalts have a beam at the waterline of 80 feet.

Modern surface combatants are trending towards beamier ships, a quick search shows ships averaging a length 8 times the beam.

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Post subject: Re: Large Surface Combatant (LSC) or CG-74Posted: November 8th, 2020, 4:50 am
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NavyGuy658 wrote: *
Hey mate.

Can’t quite see your images, they’re hosted on discord and I don’t have access to see them.
Would it be possible for you to host them on imgur or another conventional hosting service?

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Post subject: Re: Large Surface Combatant (LSC) or CG-74Posted: November 8th, 2020, 11:59 am
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Like what Tank Man said, I cannot access the image you posted. :x

If you have a problem with posting images here, then you can try to:
1. Post the image you want to post in discord, in a private discord server of yours (you can post it anywhere, but it is best you post it in your private discord server).
2. Click on said image, then click the text saying “Open original”. This will create a new tab containing only that image.
3. Copy the image URL in the new tab, then type [ img ] (the URL you copied should be pasted in place of the red words).
4. And VOILA, you have a nice image posted here.

There are a lot of ways of posting images, including Imgur and more!

Hope that helps! ;)

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