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Post subject: Magalhães-class Atomic Attack SubmarinePosted: April 8th, 2019, 3:38 am
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Couldn't resist making a last minute entry, so here it goes.

[ img ]

Only the second operational attack submarine with a teardrop hull, the Magalhães SSN are designed to be faster and quieter than any previous submarine. First of class Fernão de Magalhães clocked an amazing 33.74 kn on trials.
No secrets in this one, basically a THRESHER with a conformal bulge instead of a sail, the masts and access tube telescope up to deploy, while the chariot-style open bridge unfolds forward.

Type: Nuclear attack submarine
Displacement: 3,750 long tons (3,810 t) surfaced
4,300 long tons (4,369 t) submerged

Length: 286 ft 5 in (87.33 m)
Beam: 31 ft 7 in (9.63 m)
Draft: 25 ft 2 in (7.67 m)
Propulsion: 1 S5W PWR
2 steam turbines, 15,000 shp (11 MW)
1 shaft, counter-rotating propeller

Speed: 15 knots (28 km/h; 17 mph) surfaced
33 knots (61 km/h; 38 mph) submerged

Range: Unlimited, except by food supplies and crew endurance
Test depth: 1,300 ft (400 m)
Complement: 13 officers, 99 enlisted

Armament: 6 × 21 inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes
12-18 × 21" torpedoes
4-6 × SUBROC anti-submarine missiles

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Post subject: Re: Nuclear attack sub challengePosted: April 8th, 2019, 7:24 am
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in the last day :D

Pocket Nuclear Submarine

The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization or SEATO, was established on 19 February 1955 at a meeting of treaty partners in Bangkok, Thailand.

this year in Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean have many refugees, pirates, and unknown submarines from unknown countries. the comittee was started 'SEATO Pocket Nuclear Submarine' or SPNS, long range and long time for protection the sea in the name 'S55 Class'

first, US goverment transfer a small nuclear engine (unknown specification). second, SEATO need the test ship. So, Thai goverment offer RTN modify submarine.

this is SS-11 Pailin or Pailin Class Diesel-electric attack submarine. Displacement 1,045 tons surfaced, 1,280 tons submerged, Length 54.71 m, Beam 6.4 m, Armament 8x533 mm torpedo tubes. 4 ships commission between 1951 to 1955

[ img ]

and this is SEATO Pocket Nuclear Submarine, Displacement 1,290 tons surfaced, 1,520 tons submerged, Length 61.4 m, Beam 6.8 m, speed 17 kn surfaced and 20.5 kn submerged. Armament 4x533 mm torpedo tubes for 14 STT-01 Black cat 533 mm torpedoes (SEATO Standard Weapon). Nuclear Submarine arm STR-03 surface search radar and STS-02 medium range sonar.

[ img ]

Orders, Thailand=2, Australia=8, Pakistan=3, United Kingdom=4 (Middle East Base), and 1 for Philippine. but this program have many problems, until new US presedent say 'have no second nuclear engine!', the SEATO Pocket Nuclear Submarine program was cancel

first and last S55 class submarine transfer to RTN and entered service in 1960, HTMS Darlin can arm 4 to 8x324 mobile torpedo tubes for STT-02 White cat Homing torpedo. the secondary armament can attack enemy submarine by fire and forgot.

[ img ]

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Post subject: Re: Nuclear attack sub challengePosted: April 8th, 2019, 3:19 pm
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I'm not sure about the structural implications of the telescoping structures on Magalhaes, but I think I have a new all-time favorite propeller drawing!

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Post subject: Re: Nuclear attack sub challengePosted: April 8th, 2019, 9:28 pm
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My first SB-style drawing, I had it drawn up since the challenge started, but a last-minute entry from me just for fun ;)

Großerdeutschland - Typ XXVIIA U-Boot
[ img ]

Post-WW2, the success of the Type XXI Elektroboot was looked at to become the basis of a new nuclear-powered fleet submarine for the Navy. Basically a larger, more powerful Type XXI U-Boot that had been upscaled, with the most noticeable change being its nuclear powerplant - as well as its Schnee Organ system. Displayed here is U-3689, the first of its class, launched in 1956.

Type: Nuclear Attack Unterseeboot

1850 tons surfaced
2050 tons submerged

Length: 92.35m
Beam: 12.87m
Draught: 8.68m

8 bow-firing 533mm torpedo tubes
6 rear-firing 533mm torpedo tubes in "Schnee Organ"
Capacity for 38 torpedoes

20 knots surfaced
22 knots submerged
8 knots "silent"

Test Depth: 330 meters

Nominal with 68 crew members
Maximum up to 80 crew members

Edit: Fixed typos

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Post subject: Re: Nuclear attack sub challengePosted: April 9th, 2019, 11:23 pm
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Thanks to all our contestants - voting is now open:

Please go vote! Voting closes next Monday. Please feel free to leave feedback for each entry in this thread now that the challenge has closed.

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Post subject: Re: Nuclear attack sub challengePosted: April 10th, 2019, 3:14 pm
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Spectre by thegrumpykestrel: Similarly to my design, the influence of the Astute class is palpable. I like the four views, but something seems a bit off on the shading. In the top and front views. Easily one of the strongest entries into this challenge. Thegrumpykestrel has certainly shown that he knows the style.

Type 09-III by 1143M: I would really like some supporting material for this entry. That said, a solid set of drawings, if lacking in details such as weapons being shown on image.

Darroca by Sebu: Pancake submarine causes me to think that there would be serious pressure hull design issues, and the inclusion of a hanger for minisubs makes the flattened nature of the hull even more problematic. Still, well drawn, and I'd rather have a lack of to-view shading than have shading that seems off.

Artaimís by Blackbuck: In being one of only two entries that is an actual modern high-end attack submarine, this boat is rather unique. Everything about it works.

Hund by Deskjester: It's cute, but I'm not quite sure what else to make of it.

Tonijn by acelanceloet: A relatively no-nonsense conversion of a diesel electric boat to nuclear power. While the drawing has plenty of detail, the entry just feels like it is missing something.

Conaire by Garlicdesign: This one is a bit of a mixed bag - artistically it's a very fine drawing and I enjoy the multiple views, but I am not sold on the idea of using an expensive (and rare) nuclear powered boat as a delivery vehicle for short range SAMs and anti-surface weapons.

Battle II by reytuerto: Not a bad entry, but one that seems to need some TLC (Tender Loving Care).

Naiʻa by TimothyC: My Drawing. Could have done with multiple views.

Leonardo Da Vinci by Tigerhunter1945: It certainly captures the feel of a 1950s Italian nuclear boat.

Type D2 modified by Armoured man: This is different than even the rest of the 'my first nuclear boat is a re-engined diesel', and I like the differences and how they set this entry off from the rest. It feels more like a throw-back than the other designs, but that only seems to add to it's charms.

Harushio by Kiwi Imperialist: I'd love to see more of this design, and from this artist. It feels like a Japanese Sturgeon class, which is almost is.

Vortex by Kannevets: To be honest, while well drawn, it feels like Western Akula (Pr. 971). That said, I really like the cutaway showing the forward sonars.

D-1 by APDAF: Sort of a proto-November. It's not bad, it just feels incomplete.

MM by ABetterName: Tear-drop on the first nuclear boat, combined with AAA on the sail makes no sense. It really feels like an attempt at a rule of cool sub, but falls flat.

Challenger by Andrzej1: This entry has an outer hull that seems wrong, as does the sail. The lack of details helps excentuate these flaws. If it was the start of a drawing it might have promise.

Magalhães by Charguizard: Certainly the least conventional design entered. I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm not sure the masts, bridge, and periscope won't cause problems, but I'm not sure they would either. That said, as others have noted, that contra-rotating screw is just fabulous.

S55 by Superboy: Like all of superboy's work the art is sublime, and should be held up as an example of what can be done with the style. For the design itself, she's bigger than NR-1, so while I expect that the boat wouldn't be comfortable, she would work.

Type XXVIIA by Imperialist: It's less bad than the other German nuclear boat, but it does lack imagination. There isn't anything really wrong with it, but it fails to rise above.

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Post subject: Re: Nuclear attack sub challengePosted: April 10th, 2019, 9:15 pm
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My comments:
I think that I am somewhat biased by my own "demi-vintage" taste, and my tendency of classification ("old endodontic box minded" :D):

Group I: "Pre-Albacore hull" submarines:

: Is one of the most solid drawings here! A very credible design!

Leonardo da Vinci and OtsuGata2Kai: Well done drawings, both of them plenty of room for big machinery. The italian submarine with a hull form that is reminiscent of the german Type XXI.

Type XXVIIA: Another submarine that remembers the inheritance of Type XXI. Also a well done and believable drawing.

Darlin: Well done and detailed drawing, but it looks so small! I know that some research submarinas are nuclear powered, but I don´t know if a military reactor was feasible in that era for such small hull.

Hund: Another of the leading desings! A believable design and very well drawn!

Group II: "Albacore hull" submarines:

Battle II. That is my own drawing! Lacks of detail and the "master touch" of our leading fellow artists here. But at least shows my preferences in hull form!

Type O9: A nice drawing! Specially the second one (Type 09A). Plausible and well drawn.

Magalhaes: With sail, this would be the winner (for me) of the challenge! But as a sail-less design is rather "strange". Well detailed, with fabulous details as the contrarotating screws; but with odd additions as the chariot style bridge... A sail, my kingdom for a sail!!!

Challenger: A good looking hull form, but with the racked sail looks as strange as the Churchill class. Unfortunatelly is a rather plain drawing, with little detail.

Type MM: A nice hull form with a soviet like sail. Well detailed, but rather little for the machinery of the era. With a mid body torpedo set that "steals" some space in the machinery rooms.

Harushio: One of the most solid candidates for winning the challenge (well, there are others, but this candidate had the hull form and sail that pleased my own taste)!

Group III: "Post-Albacore hull" submarines:

Spectre: Good drawing, and the 4 views is an additional effort. Well detailed and credible.

Conaire: A modern hull form but with (at least!) a neat bow instead the angular prows of more modern designs. Nicelly detailed, and very well drawn and shadowed. A firm candidate for being the winner.

Naia: Also a cute drawing. And also completely believable. But as the in the Spectre ssk, the angular bow is plausible but (at least for me) unpleasent.

Group IV: "Russian like" submarines:

Darroca: Well drawn and detailed, but is so broad beamed!

Artaimis: A nice drawing, very russian, but completely credible, well detailed and very well drawn. A solid candidate!

Vortex: Another russian like ssn!, and also well done. But the free holes are to "soviet" and noisy.

D1: A November like submarine, but is the less detailed of the series.

And the Oscar goes to...

Cheers, and thanks for all the drawings.

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Post subject: Re: Nuclear attack sub challengePosted: April 11th, 2019, 1:06 am
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I didn't think this needed more explanation than a namedrop, but the Type ((MM))'s hullform is taken directly from the Delfin midget submarine project of 1944.

[ img ]
[ img ]

As for the sail-mounted 20mms, it's implied that Germany was somehow doing better at sea and therefore the feedback from the crew that the Type XXI's 20mms were useless was never received. ((MM))'s 20mms would likely be removed early in service as jets replaced prop driven aircraft though.

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[ img ]

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Post subject: Re: Nuclear attack sub challengePosted: April 11th, 2019, 9:16 am
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This was a very hard challenge to judge. Unlike ships, submarines have fewer elements and less detail generally than a surface ship which has so many parts to judge (superstructure, overhang shading, rigging, railings, parts, weapons, radars etc.). All the entries are good and many artists have drawn something which approaches the best that can be obtained with basically a cylindrical shaped hull. There are no ‘bad’ designs here and all of them have some neat touches and I think generally each challenge is spurring improvements in drawing style and everyone is producing high quality work, so making judging harder.

Spectre Class, by Thegrumpykestrel: the design has strong elements of Swedish designs in the conning tower and the Astute class in the bows, partly due to the choice of the sonar. It fits very well with the Australian theme. Technically the design looks plausible, for a 2000s design I might have expected more provision for USV docking perhaps, but the weapon load looks adequate. Seems a compact design but not too small as to be cramped. The 4-view was lovely to see, overall the artistry is very good with some nice shading.

Type 09-III, by 1143M: looks a very good design overall, certainly on par with other Great Power nuclear submarines. There is no additional information on dating or systems it carries so I have to estimate its a 1990s class that evolved during the 2000s. The progression was nice to see with the different variants with subtle differences between them. Overall well drawn and plausible.

Darroca Class, by Sebu: this is perhaps one of the most adventurous and technically interesting submarines in the challenge. It reminds me very much of the Swedish Ub-2000 programme and builds on Sebu's earlier interesting AU submarine designs with side-by-side pressure hulls. This design looks highly suited to Baltic needs (I assume it would be equally able to operate in the Arctic) and has a good armament, USV capability and looks well equipped for its role even down to a cannon to deter boarders! The drawing is well drawn but the lack of shading on the top-view meant I had to deduct some marks.

Artarmis Class, by Blackbuck: Blackbuck has often drawn some very good submarines and this design is no exception. To my eye the hull appears rather tall and bulky, especially compared with the squat conning tower which seems to emphase the bulk. However, the hull does carry a lot of armament with eight torpedo tubes (600mm ones too!) and 16 VLS tubes, an impressive package, plus a bow sonar array that looks very comprehensive and powerful. 39kts seems optimistic but we're not rating specs directly so I just note that. Artistically the detailing is good, overall a good design that blends Western and Russian aesthetics reasonably well.

Hund Class, by deskjester: a neat little 1950s design. I like the looks of this design, sleek and definitely fits the design ethos of the 1950s. It seems from the specs given that the artist has worked out the internal space required for the reactor but this seems quite a compact design for what would have been an early generation reactor and I worry this might be very cramped internally. As an experimental submarine however it makes sense that there would be compromises. The drawing is very nicely done and the lighter grey/red scheme makes a change from the darker later generation SSNs in the challenge.

Tonijin Class, by J. Scholtens: a never-were entry is always interesting. Overall a very nicely drawn submarine. This entry has the 1950s look in spades and is a very conscious compromise stage between traditional submarine design and the potential offered by nuclear power and the Albacore hullform that became prevalent later. My only criticism of the design would be the small rudder area.

Conaire Class, by Garlicdesign: GD is a superb artist, the 3-view is nice to see too as a bonus extra. This looks very much like a modern SSN in the mould of the Virginia class but with some European flavour. My technical nitpicks would be the very low mounted bowplanes and that the two small VLS seem to stand proud of the hull and might add drag and noise at speed underwater. I do like the idea of the small VLS though and its loadout. SAMs aboard subs is a concept that hasn't taken off for several reasons but its interesting to see included here.

Lemnos Class, by reytuerto: overall a good design that looks like a classic SSN in shape and layout, certainly fitting the 1970s designs that the artist has referenced. The shading feels a little less advanced than some of the other offerings, certainly the shading of the X-sternplanes seems a little odd in places, maybe too much shadow and too bright on the red. The inclusion of 'mammalian' tiles was a brave move that most here tried to avoid. I applaud that, but as was pointed out on Darthpanda's Soviet sub originals, the outline of the blocks should be tapered at the ends of the submarine rather than a uniform grid and this does spoil the effect slightly.

Nai'a Class, by Timothy Cizadlo: this design is strongly reminiscent of Astute. The shading and detailing feel quite sparse on this design and the slab sided lines of the angles look abrupt and seem rather draggy and noisy for an SSN and makes the design look less finished than it should. The internal cross-section is a very nice addition though and shows the thought put into planning the layout. I wonder if there might have been scope to reduce the length slightly?

Leonardo Da Vinci Class, by TigerHunter1945: this design looks very 1950s too and has a strongly inspired late-war German/Soviet rudder and propeller layout. The design looks about the right shape, length and diameter for an early nuclear-powered design. The colour scheme is very fetching and allows the details to be seen. I wonder if there would have been space to include some aft torpedo tubes too?

Type D2 Class, by armoured man: I knew a Japanese sub would have to make an appearance in this contest! A good looking design, certainly sleek. Very long, which I assume is due to the added reactor section, my only worry is that the hull depth is too shallow, it looks cramped and there might be some structural problems. Well drawn overall.

Harushio Class, by Kiwi Imperialist: another Japanese sub! This design looks very much like the US Sturgeon Class, it looks completely feasible and fits the period and is well drawn with excellent subtle detailing. A superb entry from a new artist.

Vortex Class, by Kannevets: as the artist says this is a Seawolf/Akuka hybrid and is also a hybrid of several artist's work. Generally a feasible layout but there are too many sharp protrusions and drag/noise inducing elements for my liking. Also, the periscopes and equipment masts are very far back on the conning tower and would be nowhere near the control room. Not a huge problem with EO masts rather than traditional periscopes, but looks odd all the same. The underwater hull shading could have been improved, it looks too blocky.

D-1 Class, by APDAF: an interesting take on what a more conventional Soviet development rather than the November class. Again, this design feels a little long and thin but that could just be the perspective. Overall this is well drawn, perhaps a little more shading would have made it better and detailing is sparse.

Type MM Class, by ABetterName: this design very strongly reminds me of the Soviet Alpha. I think even allowing for the usual "napkinwaffe" Krieg 46 type AU scenarios this design looks rather modern for 1952 with far superior hydrodynamics than anything else possible at that time. The aft torpedo arrangements leave something to be desired too (even though they may be based on real German proposals), the overall effect being a very cramped sub. Also, why does a nuclear submarine that can stay down for long periods need AA guns? Artistically the drawing is very good, but again more nuanced lower hull shading would have been good to see.

HIMS Challenger, by Andrzej1: reminds me very strongly of the Dreadnought and following early British SSNs. This design needs a lot of work, but to be fair this is an interesting entry by a new artist. More shading is needed on the hull, more detailing (diving vents etc.), more realistic rudders/sternplanes and the conning tower needs to be reshaped and the proportions corrected.

Magalhães Class, by Charguizard: another innovative entry, one based on experimental work and which offers a nice alternative. The overall design looks good and the drawing is of high quality. A very good entry.

Pocket Nuclear Submarine, by superboy: I love the backstory and the idea of converting a diesel sub design with a lightweight compact reactor. This is a very small sub and feels like it would be cramped. It’s well drawn and realistic in details, but it does feel like a low performance SSN but I guess ideally suited to smaller nations who can’t afford complicated kit like a full-scale SSN.

Typ XXVIIA Class, by Imperialist: a very fine entry for a first drawing (though Imperialist is one of our top FD scale artists). Very much a Type XXI with a reactor, looks conservative and entirely plausible and overall it’s a well drawn entry.

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Post subject: Re: Nuclear attack sub challengePosted: April 15th, 2019, 5:37 pm
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Results are in - congrats to Blackbuck for the win!

[ img ]

Thanks all for another highly successful drawing challenge. We will post the next SB scale challenge very shortly!

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