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Post subject: Some French-themed cruisersPosted: July 10th, 2019, 8:54 am
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So i found a couple of ships i never got around to post on the forums. Both are french-themed cruisers with an emphasis on seaplanes (for... reasons i dont remember).

The CA, Napoleon:
[ img ]

As i could not find all the data files, off the top of my head stats would be:
Displacement: ~12750t standard

maximum - 32 kts
cruising - 18 kts
Cruising range: 5000 nmi.

3xIIII 203/55 guns
4xIII 100/50 guns
Some Late 298B and Bernard H.52 seaplanes

Belt - 180mm.
Upper belt - 50mm.
Ends - 50mm.
Turret - up to 100 mm.
Deck - 38...50 mm.

The second ship is a CL:
[ img ]

Displacement: ~6100t standard

maximum - 32 kts
cruising - 16 kts
Cruising range: 6000 nmi.

3xIII 152/50 guns
2xIII 100/50 guns
2xIII 533mm torpedo tubes
Some Bernard H.52 seaplanes.

Belt - 150mm.
Upper belt - 50mm.
Turret - up to 76 mm.
Deck - 25...50 mm.

Feedback on style would be welcome, as well as any questions about designs in general (even though i dont remember most of their specifics by this point). Cheers!

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