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Post subject: GIAT AMX-10 vehicles which did not entered servicePosted: June 17th, 2017, 4:27 pm
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The AMX-10RC/RCR was built with a 105mm cannon, but the wheeled AMX-10R derivative of the tracked AMX-10P had more variants, of which only the 105mm tank destroyer entered service.

http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldw ... RC-RCR.php Link for the variants of AMX-10R

AMX-10RP : This seem to had the same turret with the AMX-10P
AMX-10RTT : This seem to had 2 variants, one with the Dragar turret (and GIAT M811 25mm cannon) and the other had a turret with a 0.5" machine gun (like the AMX-10P Marines)
AMX-10RAA : SPAAG with a SAMM designed turret (twin 30mm cannons)
AMX-10RAC : Same turret with the AMX-10 PAC 90

Only available sources found from me are these:

http://www.maquetland.com/article-photo ... --maquette
http://www.milinfo.org/2015/05/collecto ... dacek.html Turret of -RAA used on AMX-30 chassis as well
http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldw ... RC-RTT.jpg

Does anyone has better sources for the AMX-10R family variants ? (NOT the AMX-10RC, we have this in our archive). If yes, please post here.

Here is a blueprint with dimensions for the AMX-10RAA turret:

http://www.milinfo.org/article-collecto ... 91127.html This was ordered by Saudi Arabia

For moderators: Posted here, but this is referred to FD-scale, so please move this thread if needed.

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