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Post subject: M4A1CGCPosted: February 22nd, 2024, 7:47 pm
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The M4A1CGC ("Coast Guard Carbine") is the Standard Issue Assault Rifle of the Royal Katinean Coast Guard. It was developed in 1998 by KWC to Provide the Coast Guard with a Standard Issue rifle to replace the AK-74Us and AKMs that had been being used by the Force previously. It is a Shortened Carbine based on the XM177/CAR-15, and Other Modifications include an RIS Handguard, a Flip-Up front Ironsight, and a Flat RIS Top Receiver. The Standard Accessory Configuration includes an ACOG, A Laser, An AN/PEQ-2 (Side-Mounted, Not Visible) and a Downgrip. Aswell as the Coast Guard, The M4A1CGC has been adopted by the Gendarmerie's Close Protection Group, and Various Special Forces including Coast Guard SBOR, Ground Defence Force ASO, STG and Kommandosoldater, and Air Defence Force SLKD.

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