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Post subject: Re: SpacebucketPosted: May 17th, 2018, 11:11 am
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Nice work, that's how a D7 should look. Now we only need to thell that to STD's producers. :D

And oh, boy, I had forgotten how ugly the Soyuz was :lol:

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Post subject: Re: SpacebucketPosted: May 24th, 2018, 9:07 pm
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Unfortunately I wouldn't hold my breath on that score ;) And yeah, the Soyuz wasn't a pretty kitbash.

Anyhoo, here's a few what-if's and personal designs.

Less kitbashed Constellation-class:

[ img ]

Here I've removed some of the more crazy-looking VF-1 Macross parts from the hull, cut the number of shuttlebays from seven to one in order to free up more internal space, since the purpose of this class was said to be long duration deep space survey within Federation territory odds are they'd need the space. I've also replaced the lower torpedo launchers with a navigational deflector.

Refitted USS Lakota:

[ img ]

This is an attempt to explain away why the Lakota was the only Enterprise-B style Excelsior we ever saw: she was in the middle of a refit that extended the class's life another few decades. Modified, more efficient nacelles, additional impulse engines, more secondary hull storage space and of course new phaser arrays.

And finally for now, a trio of movie-era Romulan ships:

[ img ]

[ img ]

[ img ]

My idea was for something to incorporate D7 features into the earlier Romulan gullwinged-horseshoe designs. The third ship is intended to be a bridge between the D7 and the later TNG-era warbirds, hence the green-grey colour scheme.

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