FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread
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Author:  Imperialist [ June 27th, 2014, 6:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread

Does anybody have a blank of the Fw-190A by chance?

Author:  eswube [ June 27th, 2014, 7:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread

Darth Panda did it, but never "formally" posted it, only as sneak preview: ... 292#p96292
So You should rather ask Him before using.
(Although Nighthunter already made this: ... 34#p103934 - but I wouldn't deny that a whole series of 190A/F/G's would be a good things - both in regard to variant as in paint schemes).

Author:  Imperialist [ June 27th, 2014, 7:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread

Thanks! I'm actually using it for the Ta-154 A-0/U3 Mistel variant but ill ask beforehand. I also have numerous sources for the Fw-190s and numerous other aircraft should anyone want to draw them/add variants.

Author:  Imperialist [ June 28th, 2014, 12:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread

Ok so I dont know if i should make a new thread for this or not...but here is the (mostly complete) list of German aircraft that I've acquired data on, which I promised a while ago.

The ones highlighted in orange are the ones I've started on and continue to work on, green is my finished drawings. I know a few of these have been drawn by other artists so I'm gonna go back and try to link them on here.

In addition, feel free to challenge yourself in drawing these and I can provide the sources I have.

Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Strategic Bombers 1939-1945
Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Fighters 1939-1945
Luftwaffe Secret Projects: Ground Attack & Special Purpose Aircraft

Arado: ... qDVMa?dl=0
Ar-234 (A/B/C/D/P)
Ar E.340
Ar E.377A/B
Ar E.381
Ar E.470
Ar E.500
Ar E.530
Ar E.555 [1 to 11(14)]
Ar E.556
Ar E.560 (1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 11)
Ar E.561
Ar E.580
Ar E.581.4
Ar E.583.05 "Projekt I"
Ar E.583.06 "Projekt II"
Ar E.654
Ar E.395.01
Ar E.395.02
Ar TEW 16-43/13
Ar TEW 16-43/15
Ar TEW 16-43/19
Ar TEW 16-43/23

Blohm und Voss: ... UDdZa?dl=0
Bv 40
Bv 141B
Bv 142
Bv 144
Bv 155 (Me-155)
Bv 222
Bv Ae 607/P.217
Bv Ha 137
Bv Ha 139
Bv P.45
Bv P.111
Bv P.144
Bv P.163.01
Bv P.163.02
Bv P.170
Bv P.178
Bv P.179
Bv P.184.01
Bv P.188.01
Bv P.188.04
Bv P.192.01
Bv P.193.01
Bv P.194.00-101
Bv P.194.01-02
Bv P.194.02-01
Bv P.194.03-01
Bv P.196.01
Bv P.197
Bv P.198.01
Bv P.200.01/01
Bv P.202
Bv P.203.01
Bv P.204
Bv P.205
Bv P.207/01 (Very limited data)
Bv P.207/02
Bv P.207/03
Bv P.208.03
Bv P.209.01
Bv P.209.02
Bv P.210
Bv P.211.01
Bv P.211.02
Bv P.212.01
Bv P.212/3
Bv P.213
Bv P.215.02
Bv 246 Hagelkorn AAM
Bv P.255

BMW: ... kvcHa?dl=0
BMW Flugelrad V-I
BMW Flugelrad V-II
BMW Flugelrad V-III
BMW Schnellbomber I
BMW Schnellbomber II
BMW Strahlbomber I
BMW Strahlbomber II
BMW Strahljager Projekt I
BMW Strahljager Projekt II
BMW Strahljager Projekt III
BMW Strahljager Projekt IV

Daimler-Benz: ... K_ela?dl=0
DB Jager Projekt 609
DB Projekt A
DB Projekt B
DB Projekt C
DB Projekt E
DB Projekt F

Dornier: ... 2tgaa?dl=0
Do 17
Do 29
Do 215
Do 217 (E/K/M/N)
Do 222
Do 247/6.01
Do 317
Do 335 (and planned developments) (on hold because I went back and checked that Do 335 was already drawn by Radome)
Do 435
Do 535
Do 635

Do P.59 (Pre-Do 335)
Do P.174 (Do 216)
Do P.192 (Do 214)
Do P.232/I
Do P.232/II
Do P.232/III
Do P.238-1
Do P.252/I-III
Do P.256/1.01

Focke-Wulf: ... 0Kcca?dl=0
Fw 42
Fw 44
Fw 57
Fw 58
Fw 159
Fw 187 Falke
Fw 189
Fw 1891b
Fw 190 V/A/C/D/F/G
Fw 191
Fw 191C
Fw 200 Condor
Fw 238 (03.10206.20)
Fw 238C (03.10206.20)
Fw 238H (03.10206.21)
Fw 251 (J.P.100/47)
Fw 261 (P.0310225)
Fw 281
Fw 300
Fw 400
Fw 3*1000 Projekt A (031 0239/01)
Fw 3*1000 Projekt B (031 0239/10)
Fw 3*1000 Projekt C
Fw Fighter Projekt mit BMW 802
Fw Fighter Projekt mit BMW 803
Fw Fighter Projekt mit BMW P.8011
Fw Fighter Projekt I (P.I) (or P.II of Mar. 1943)
Fw Fighter Projekt II (P.II)

Fw Fighter Projekt III (P.III)
Fw Fighter Projekt IV (P.IV)
Fw J.P.011-?? (Design I)
Fw J.P.011-?? (Design II)
Fw J.P.011-45 (Design III)
Fw J.P.011-47 (Design IV)
Fw Jager Projekt IV Flitzer (0310226-94)
Fw Jager Projekt VII Flitzer
Fw P.0310.025-1006
Fw P.0310226-127
Fw P.0310251-13 I
Fw P.0310251-13 II
Fw P.0310251-13 III
Fw Projekt 195 (Fw 249)
Fw Projekt of 11-1944 (Fw 250)
Fw Projekt Super Lorin
Fw Projekt Super TL
Fw Ta-152 A/B/C/H
Fw Ta-153
Fw Ta-154 Moskito (V/A/Mistel)
Fw Ta-254 A/B
Fw Ta 183/I Huckebein
Fw Ta 183/II
Fw Ta 183/III (0310 252 15)
Fw Ta 283
Fw Ta 400
Fw Tribeflugel Projekt
Fw Volkflugzeug Projekt
Fw Volksjager Projekt
Fw VTOL Projekt

Goppingen: ... WcmWa?dl=0
Go 9

Gotha: ... jyMda?dl=0
Go 242
Go 244
Go P.8-01
Go P.14-02
Go P.20
Go P.50/I
Go P.50/II
Go P.60A (Hohenjager, Zerstorer, Aufklarer)
Go P.60A-2
Go P.60B
Go P.60C Nachtjager

Heinkel: ... vaW7a?dl=0
He 70
He 100
He 111
He 112 (V/A/B)
He 116
He 120
He 162 (Variants with different wing structure)
He 176
He 177 Greif
He 178 Condor
He 219 Uhu
He 274
He 277
He 280
He 319
He 343
He 419A-0
He Lerche II
He Long Range Bomber Projekt 1945
He P.1055.01-16
He P.1065.01-20 (Ia)
He P.1065.xx (Ib)
He P.1065.01-19 (Ic)
He P.1065.01-23 (IIa)

He P.1065.xx (IIc)
He P.1065.xx (IIIb)
He P.1068.1-78
He P.1068.1-80
He P.1068.1-83
He P.1068.1-84
He P.1073.01-04
He P.1076
He P.1077 Julia I
He P.1077 Julia II
He P.1077 Romeo
He P.1078A
He P.1078B
He P.1078C
He P.1079A
He P.1079B
He P.1079B/I
He P.1079B/II
He P.1080
He P.1087A
He Wespe

Henschel: ... smpua?dl=0
Hs 124
Hs 125
Hs 126
Hs 129
Hs 130
Hs 132
Hs P.75
Hs P.87
Hs P.122
Hs P.135
Hs J.P.600-67 Canard
Hs 217 73cm AAM
Hs 293 AAM
Hs 298 AAM

Horten: ... NW4Ea?dl=0
Ho 70
Ho 229V/A
Ho Vc
Ho X

Hutter: ... 8cKXa?dl=0
Hu 136
Hu 211
Hu P. (1945)
Hu Fernzerstorer

Junkers: ... gfvea?dl=0
Ju 86
Ju 87
Ju 88
Ju 89
Ju 90
Ju 187
Ju 188
Ju 248 (Me 263)
Ju 287
Ju 288
Ju 290
Ju 322
Ju 388
Ju 390
Ju 488 (V401/402/403 & A-series)
Ju 635 (P.1075.01-21/w 00304) (Do 335 Zwilling Development)
Ju EF.008
Ju EF.009
Ju EF.55
Ju EF.56
Ju EF.57
Ju EF.58
Ju EF.59
Ju EF.66
Ju EF.68
Ju EF.82
Ju EF.100 (EF.53?)
Ju EF.101
Ju EF.112
Ju EF.122
Ju EF.126 Elli
Ju EF.127 Walli
Ju EF.128
Ju EF.130
Ju EF.131
Ju EF.132
Ju EF.140
Ju EF.150
Ju EF.152
Ju G.38
Ju Unnamed Ground Attack (A-10 Predecessor)

Lippisch: ... QvKqa?dl=0
Li Gleiter Bombenflugzeug
Li P.01-111
Li P.01-112
Li P.01-115
Li P.01-116 (04-1939)
Li P.01-116 (07-1939)
Li P.01-116 (06-1941)
Li P.01-117
Li P.01-118
Li P.04-106
Li P.04-114
Li P.09 (10-1941)
Li P.09 (05-1942)
Li P.10 (11-1941)
Li P.11 (09-1942)
Li P.11 (12-1942)
Li P.11 Delta VI
Li P.11-121
Li P.12 (11-1942)
Li P.13a
Li P.13b
Li P.15b Diana
Li P.20
Li P.21
Li P.115

Messerschmitt: ... v3VUa?dl=0
Me Bf 108
Me Bf 109A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/K/T/Z
Me Bf 110
Me 155B
Me Bf 161
Me Bf 162
Me 163
Me 209
Me 262 (V/A/B/C/D/E/S/W/HG I/HG II/HG III/HG IV/Lorin/Schnellbomber I & II/Auflkarer I & II/Mistel/Nachtjager)
Me 263
Me 264
Me 265
Me 309
Me 321
Me 323
Me 329
Me 334
Me 410
Me 509
Me 609
Me Libelle
Me P.1065
Me P.1070
Me P.1075
Me P.1079/1
Me P.1079/10c
Me P.1079/16
Me P.1079/18 Schwalbe
Me P.1079/51
Me P.1085
Me P.1091
Me P.1092 (A to E, AKA I to V?)
Me P.1095
Me P.1099A/B
Me P.1100/I
Me P.1100/II
Me P.1101 (Dec. 14 ,1944)
Me P.1101 (Feb. 22, 1945)
Me P.1101/92
Me P.1101/101
Me P.1101/103
Me P.1101/XVIII (101)
Me P.1101/XVIII (104)
Me P.1101/XVIII (105)
Me P.1102/5
Me P.1103/I
Me P.1103/II
Me P.1104/I
Me P.1104/II
Me P.1106
Me P.1107/I
Me P.1107/II
Me P.1108/I
Me P.1108/II
Me P.1109
Me P.1110/I Ente
Me P.1110/II
Me P.1111
Me P.1112
Me Schwalbe Zerstorer Projekt I
Me Schwalbe Zerstorer Projekt II
Me Wespe Projekt I & II

Weserflug: ... hTwla?dl=0
WFG P.1003/I
WFG P.2136

Various: ... AGEna?dl=0 ... nGGma?dl=0 ... FXXOa?dl=0
AGO FP-30 (AO-225)
Bachem Ba 349 Natter
DFS 228
EMW C2 Wasserfall
Focke Achegelis FA 269
He 163/P.1073 Derivative
Rheinmetall-Borsig Rh-B Feuerlilie
Sack As-6
Sanger Amerika Bomber
Skoda Kauba SK P.14
Sombold So 344
von Braun VTO Interceptor
Zepplin Fliegende Panzerfaust
Zepplin Rammer

EDIT: Added Dropbox links. Plus, if there is any missing info on aircraft someone wants to draw I probably have it laying around on my PC and I'll see if i can find it.

Author:  odysseus1980 [ June 28th, 2014, 5:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread

Personally I am mostly interested in never built Junkers bombers.

Author:  Imperialist [ June 28th, 2014, 5:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread

Any specific ones? PM me.

EDIT: added dropbox links so you can check them out yourself, I dont think i have written dimensions on most of these but i have them written down somewhere so i'll upload them as soon as i can.

Author:  eswube [ June 28th, 2014, 7:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread

Hmmm... I'm not sure if those scribd links with whole books in it open for everyone to watch aren't in violation of point 15 of forum rules. :/
Enough if You provide link to publisher or amazon or something like that, for others to see the book cover.

Are You going to do only the blanks (nay!) or going to work on a bit of paint schemes (yay! :) ).

Btw. It's Messerschmitt not "...dt". ;)

Author:  Imperialist [ June 28th, 2014, 7:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread

Totally forgot about the book rule woops :oops: and im actually going to start trying out paint schemes since I have more than enough references on them :D but for picking out RLM colors, do I take a(n) color from a picture with a sample of it or do I have have to find an HTML notation code and put that in? (I use GIMP and the only camo schemes I've used are from previous drawings)

Author:  darthpanda [ June 28th, 2014, 8:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread

Imperialist wrote:
Does anybody have a blank of the Fw-190A by chance?
Here you are
[ img ]

Author:  eswube [ June 28th, 2014, 4:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: FD scale vehicle/aircraft request thread

Approximate shades taken from a sample picture are enough. ;)
I've made only very few Luftwaffe aircraft so far, but here are some colors I used (2nd shade from the left is the "main one") - but I'm not going to insist it's totally correct (I think that RLM65 is lighter than samples found on the net, but when I applied it to drawing it looked horribly dark, so I brightened it a bit).
First block is taken from drawings of other Members, and these labeled with RLM numbers are my own findings.
[ img ]

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