Avro Lancaster family
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Author:  Rowdy36 [ November 7th, 2017, 2:59 pm ]
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Fantastic! Simply fantastic!

Author:  Sheepster [ November 7th, 2017, 3:33 pm ]
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Avro 685 York
[ img ]
Using the Lancaster design, but a completely new "box" fuselage the York was developed as a pure transport.
A VVIP transport was produced as a transport for Winston Churchill, but all other C.I Yorks were otherwise identical. A single Mark II was produced with a Hercules engine, for the same potential Merlin shortage that the Lancaster Mark II was also made to counter.
Plans for York production in Canada were shelved, after the York's boxy fuselage was determined to be too prone to icing for trans-Atlantic work. However a single York was manufactured, distinctive for it's flat cabin floor - designed for ease of cabin service on the planned Atlantic crossings.

Avro 685B York flying boat
[ img ]
Designed for the Brabazon Committee, the York flying boat was not considered worthy of further development.

Author:  Hood [ November 7th, 2017, 4:18 pm ]
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An excellent series of drawings, its so nice to see so many Lancaster variants in one place.
Will the Lincoln follow?

Author:  odysseus1980 [ November 7th, 2017, 4:40 pm ]
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Did not knew about this last variant, I have read about all rest ones. I learned something new today.

Author:  eswube [ November 7th, 2017, 8:55 pm ]
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Nice work.

Author:  Sheepster [ November 7th, 2017, 10:01 pm ]
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Avro 691 Lancastrian
[ img ]
The Lancastrian was a full demilitarisation of the Lancaster, so internally different that operators of civilianised Lancasters replaced those aircraft with Lancastrians as the economics of the two aircraft were significantly different. From today's perspective telling Lancastrians from civil conversion Lancasters is impossible without knowing the serial of the aircraft, as many civil Lancasters may have received sufficient modifications to have blurred their real identity.
The initial Lancastrian's featured sideways seating, so had passenger windows only on their starboard side, this was changed to more normal fore/aft seating in the later models.
The Mark I and III were civilian aircraft, while Marks II and IV were produced as military transports.

Avro 691 Lancastrian testbed aircraft
[ img ]
Like their Lancaster ancestors, Lancastrians were used for a variety of engine development test.

Avro 691 Argentinian Lancastrian
[ img ]
Argentina was a major user of Avro aircraft, and assembled a true Lancastrian from Lancaster and Lancastrian components.

Author:  Sheepster [ November 8th, 2017, 7:50 am ]
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Avro 694 Lincoln I
[ img ]
Originally the Lancaster B.IV, the degree of design change led to the aircraft being soon renamed the Lincoln B.I. Production was only commenced very late in the war, and so no Lincoln aircraft was in active service by war's end.
The initial installation of 3-bladed propellers was found to be problematic, and so four-bladed props became standard.
There was no significant difference between the B.I and B.II models other than the marque of Merlin engines, but the inferior performance of the B.I and the end to the war meant that most B.I aircraft were flown from the factory into directly into storage, and most were scrapped with only the repositioning flight hours in their logbooks.
Production was also planned for Canada, and a single Lancaster B.XV was produced - an Americanised Lincoln B.I - before production was cancelled.

Avro 694 Lincoln II
[ img ]
Originally planned to be the Lancaster B.V, the aircraft was renamed the Lincoln B.II before the first aircraft was completed.
Like the Lancaster, the Lincoln was planned to be sent to the Pacific to operate against Japan, but the end to the war meant that the initial production contracts were massively scaled back, and the Lincoln was never able to live up to it's potential. However compared to American late war bombers, the Lincoln was a war winner for 1939 not a step forward for the 1950's.
The only major variation for the Lincolns were a brief fitment of enlarged Tallboy bomb bay doors (which was soon shelved due to postwar cost cutting) and variations on radar fitment.
An attempt to convert Lancaster and Lincoln aircraft into remote target drones led to a single aircraft being converted into a U.5 target drone, that only ever flew with a human pilot before the programme was scrapped.

Avro 694 Lincoln 30
[ img ]
Production of the Lincoln was also undertaken in Australia, with the local aircraft being allocated as Mark XXX, changed to Mark 30 with the change to Arabic numbering for the RAF.

Avro 694 Lincoln 31
[ img ]
Development of the Mark 30 lead to the extended nose Mark 31, the largest aircraft ever constructed in Australia.

Author:  Sheepster [ November 8th, 2017, 7:56 am ]
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Avro 694 Lincoln unbuilt models
[ img ]
Several Lincoln models were proposed but not constructed.
A Lincoln ASR model was proposed as the Lincoln III. Initially the extended saddle tank as flown on the Lancaster was proposed, with the aircraft being a flying fuel tank not considered as so much of a problem for an aircraft dedicated to search and rescue rather than combat operations. The design of the Lincoln III eventually morphed into the Shackleton.
The Lincoln B.IV was little more than a resurrection of the original B.I and was not progressed with.
A plan to turn the Lincoln into a turboprop bomber with 4 Bristol Theseus engines was planned, but although the aircraft's performance allowed much higher altitudes and airspeeds, penetration range into the Soviet Union was no greater so the B.V did not proceed beyond the engine test phase.
A plan to extend the life of the Mark 31 by adding a MAD boom tail to create the Mark 32 was planned in Australia, but the purchase of more modern Lockheed Neptune aircraft led to the Mark 32 never being constructed.

Avro 712 Lincoln meteorological research aircraft
[ img ]
A variant of the Lincoln was planned for weather research, but was never constructed.

Author:  Hood [ November 8th, 2017, 9:28 am ]
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More excellent works!
It's really great to see the never-built variants of the Lincoln too.

Author:  Sheepster [ November 8th, 2017, 10:42 am ]
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Avro 694 Lincoln test aircraft
[ img ]
Like the Lancaster, the Lincoln was used for a variety of airframe test flight programmes.
One aircraft was even reverse engineered to fit a Lancaster nose section.

Avro 694 Lincoln engine testbed aircraft
[ img ]
The Lincoln was also an import test aircraft for first and second generation jet and turboprop engines.
The Theseus engine aircraft were used as more than just engine testbeds. Even after the pure Theseus-powered B.V was cancelled, Merlin/Theseus powered aircraft were used in Australia for high altitude bombing and V-Force nuclear bomb testing.

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