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Post subject: Operation CrossroadsPosted: March 20th, 2017, 3:28 am
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The first post-WWII nuclear test in the Pacific took place in mid 1946 and aside from the horrible consequences are of interest because of the decision to use surplus warships for effects testing. The film linked below contains official report movie(s) and close-ups of many of the ships used as targets for Crossroads Able can be seen starting at 18:41 though 26:53. The closeups for Crossroads Baker appear from 39:59 to the end of the film.


This excerpt from the documentary Trinity and Beyond has cleaned up versions of some of the footage.


The film below covers a team of divers visiting the wrecks. The opening is fun as it appears to mix footage from two different tests (Crossroads Baker and Hardtack (I) Wahoo.) and the narrator does not seem to be aware of Crossroads Able.


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Post subject: Re: Operation CrossroadsPosted: March 20th, 2017, 5:45 pm
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Great stuff. I've always been interested in these tests.

USN components, camouflage colors, & reference links (World War II only)

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Post subject: Re: Operation CrossroadsPosted: March 21st, 2017, 2:07 am
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Colosseum wrote: *
Great stuff. I've always been interested in these tests.
So have I, Crossroads Baker generated one of the iconic images of the 20th Century. I did a bit more poking around on YouTube and found a channel where they take the publicly released film and try to 'clean it up' (Correct aspect ratios, clean up the sound.) and they have clearer versions of the Able & Baker official report films.

Crossroads Able


Crossroads Baker


Peter Kuran (Maker of Trinity and Beyond) also released the 'Baker' segment from the film as a sample for his updated edition of the film, this follows immediately on from the 'Able' clip I posted earlier. The end of it has shots of the USS Saratoga (CV-3) sinking. I will warn that scenes from 04:14 - 04:30 may prove distressing, for as the documentary states at the end of the original film "Some animals were nuked in the making of the original footage".


I have also found a channel by someone who has dived the Bikini wrecks as well as ships from the Battle of Jutland.


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