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Post subject: "Black matters"Posted: July 11th, 2020, 6:20 am
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Hi every one,

this will be rather short.

I don´t know the reason why, but as I see nicks of diferent members, they appear in diferent colors (mine is light blue or something very much like it, if my vision is not playing funny tricks on me :lol: ).

well, to the issue in question :

can I get my nick to be colored in black, the same as ALVAMA's ?.

nothing would honour me most, to be somehow represented with such a beautiful color, the same as one of the most distinguished and most prolific (if not "the most", :roll: ) members of this community.

Btw, (......ha, :lol: , for those who remember what this was so funny about)

in my lurking on the site, haven´t seen any posts from him since a long time.

Well that´s it.

Oh yes,
greetings for all, and have a nice life those that still can ......

:mrgreen: (I love this guy, so I put it here just because I wanted to put him here. Doesn´t pretend to mean any thing else)


.....back to lurking

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Post subject: Re: "Black matters"Posted: July 11th, 2020, 7:24 am
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the color we have on our name, is the rank we have in the forum, nothing else.

I do know what you are hinting toward, but I bet there someone that want to keep the forum in status quo. But how knows.

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Post subject: Re: "Black matters"Posted: July 11th, 2020, 9:00 am
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Colors signify user's 'rank' in the forum - kind of 'badge of achievment'. Light blue is 'Longtime Supporter' (previously 'Premium Member'), so above 'rank-and-file user'. ;)
And ALVAMA's nick is black because he asked his account to be completely removed (deleted, cancelled, erased...) - only the posts are left (and the reason why there are no new ones).
So if You want to have Your nick also black-colored, I think You need to ask Admins for the same. But I don't advise it. ;)

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Post subject: Re: "Black matters"Posted: July 17th, 2020, 3:49 pm
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Hey rickdog ;)

We can change your username color to whatever you'd like...

USN components, camouflage colors, & reference links (World War II only)

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