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Post subject: Norway looking for new frigatePosted: April 15th, 2024, 3:46 pm
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As Norway gov. have decide on a new budget. Norway is looking for a new class of frigate, and want them "fast!!", then doing expensive MLU, looks like there is a lot of discussion on internett around it.

want it fast, and similar to a close allied

Questions that I can see on the internett:
- a new class that is an upgrade from Nansen class in all areas: sonar, radar, combat system, etc.
- offer to sacrifice 1 capability (reduction in one area)
- Type 26 is the best?
- size limit of Norway main naval base maintenance yard dock.
- Type 26 is best ever!
- Norway large ocean area to cover.
- huh, Dutch!

As I see it Norway have given them self an almost impossible task.

- Type 26 as I see is a good plattform, but that radar. The Canadian variant would be better in that aspect, but the time schedule would not fit.
- Dutch ASWF fit's right into Norway's ASW-frigate program, but size and new combat system
- Germany F126 have been mentioned, but it's size...
- Constellation class is often used as reference in Norway, but bow sonar. but can fit, if hull is modified to a smaller length, with reduced crew and range capacity, but that are a new plattform.
- Japanese Mogami class? hm okay
- South Korean frigates... yeah okay
- French frigate, could as easily get it, when considering Norway anyway have to change some systems they use.

If Norway was to go for an upgrade on all capability of Nansen class, the Dutch design stands strong, due to no need to change weapons package used.

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