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Post subject: Information Regarding the Super Yamato-class (A-150)Posted: April 17th, 2024, 6:52 am
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whether the english wikipedia is accurate or just using scraps the japanese wikipedia may have more information regarding the design a-150 super yamato-class

compare the two sites

japanese (note: use google translate or any more accurate translation apps or sites) ... 6%E8%89%A6

in the japanese site there is said about a 279 meter long super yamato-class design that could mount 8 51cm type 98 guns in 4 twin turrets regarding the turrets it is speculation on my part but still there is a 279 meter preliminary design that is mentioned anyone give me all the available answers or information you can get for me to make a revised version of this
[ img ]

using this as basis
[ img ]

so get all available infomation of the design a-150 even translated japanese versions of any japanese website that had them dump it here to get me all of the information and for me to start drawing it

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