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Post subject: Introducing Myself ; ThemaxPosted: April 16th, 2019, 7:14 pm
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Location: Paris, France
my name is Louis, but you will know me as Themax, i am a french student and i am now part of this community as ships and it's art style in general pleases me a lot . Hopefully this mark a new beginning .
So let's start, shall we ? i introduce to you my very first creation, a fictive aircraft with a FD design . hopefully it please you all .

VAI VLK-20 Reaper from the fictive Anternian 126th squadron .

[ img ]

you may also find the URL right here ( website wrote in french ) : https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/20 ... -final.png

3rd Anternian Armored Cavalry

Whatever happens, protect the fatherland .

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