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Post subject: Re: Modern Coast Guard Ship ChallengePosted: January 30th, 2023, 5:56 pm
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Hayate-class Cutter HMYCGS Hayate, 2010

Comin' in with something a bit different! The Hayate class is a series of 4 cutters designed to use a combination of sails and diesel engines to patrol the waterways of Yamanobe and its territories, originating out of the late Fuel Crisis of 2007-2010. They were essentially prototype ships to see if it would be viable to design warships with combination power sources, in order to save fuel on the trips throughout the vast ocean of the Empire. Hayate (Gale in Japanese) was completed in early 2010, and continues to serve along with her 3 sisters to this day.

Ships of the Class:


[ img ]

General Specifications
Length (Overall) - 85.1 m
Beam (Overall) - 13m
Draught - 9 m (estimate)

Fully-rigged with 2x A-beam masts
2x Hayabi Heavy Industries HBw-33 diesel engines with electric motor support, 1700 hp each

2x Taihu YS-33 30mm mounts with 8x missile tubes (either SAMs or ATGMs), (basically MSI-DSI Seahawk Sigmas)
2x .50 turrets
Various crew weapons

Room for 2x RHIBs
1x helicopter with hangar

Current Projects:
  • Kingdom of Italy, Re d'Italia (1864)
  • Sweden, Hajen III-class submarine
  • Argentina, ARA Islas Malvinas
  • USS Pennsylvania (1830s)

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Post subject: Re: Modern Coast Guard Ship ChallengePosted: January 31st, 2023, 12:19 am
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Been busy so didn't fully flesh out the write up as much as usual, but I doubt I'll have time to expand it before the dead line and my drawing is done. Here is my surprisingly normal entry.

[ img ]

Formed in 1997 as part of an effort to increase cooperation among the member civilizations that form the Coalition of Man, the Coalition Coast Gaurd (CCG) has grown to be a leader in both Multinational Law Enforcment and Search and Rescue Operations within Humanity's sphere of influence upon the endless seas.
While initially composed of reflagged ships from constituent nations, it became clear early on that the CCG would be better suited with it's own independent fleet of vessels. One of the early designs adapted by the CCG was the Joint Support Cutter (JSC). Based on the Japanese Hateruma-class, the JSC is a large patrol vessel optimized for low intensity Law with a secondary role of Search and Rescue Operations. The ship is propelled by a quartet of water jets powered in turn by 4 diesel engines. Top speed is aproximately 30 knotts. Armament is limited to a a 30mm gun and two .50 cal machine guns. A large helicopter deck allows the ship to support air operations in it's patrol area. The ship is also fitted with a water cannon for fire fighting.

Pictured is Devotion to Duty, currently stationed at Port Twain on Avalon. Devotion to Duty currently engages in Antipiracy patrols among the coastal islands of Avalon in an effort to reduce piracy and fight human trafficking. As a Minor trivia, the ship left the yard with her livery misspelled, while this was later fixed traces of the patch up job still remain.

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Post subject: Re: Modern Coast Guard Ship ChallengePosted: February 1st, 2023, 1:18 am
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[ img ]

Béar-class Medium Endurance Cutter Béar (CG-918)
Displacement: 3,500 tons
Length O/A: 355 feet
Beam: 50 feet
Draught: 16 feet
Propulsion: 2x 9,800 hp diesels, 2x shafts w/ 5-blade controllable pitch propellers
Speed: 25 kts
Range: 10,000 nmi @ 14 kts
Crew: 136 (including aviation and sonar detachments)
Sensors: 3D AESA search radar, lightweight variable-depth active/passive towed array, navigation radars
Armament: 1x 3" Super Rapid; 1x CIWS; 4x 15.75" torpedo tubes; 2x remote .50 machine guns; additional crew-served machine guns and small arms
Aviation: Helo deck and hangar for 1x Seahawk sized helicopter

Drawings signed both (Miklania) and (M.Morris)

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Post subject: Re: Modern Coast Guard Ship ChallengePosted: February 2nd, 2023, 2:43 am
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One of several candidate entries; hopefully the best.

Plan 1547 large patrol cutter (later Jangha class)

[ img ]

The Jangha-class patrol cutter is the most numerous large patrol ship of the Menghean Maritime Security Force, with nine hulls commissioned between 2009 and 2018. These ships were designed as Plan 1547, and they were only known by their hull numbers until 2012, when they were assigned the names of Menghean prefectures. At that time, the lead ship was renamed Jangha, and the ships became known as the Jangha class. Their parent agency underwent even more convoluted renaming: ChD-4011 was commissioned into the Menghean Maritime Border Security Force (a branch of the Ministry of Internal Security), which in 2011 became the Menghean Maritime Patrol Force (under the Ministry of National Defense), and then in 2017, the Menghean Maritime Security Force (again under the Ministry of Internal Security, but now merged with three other maritime safety agencies to form an all-purpose coast guard).

The Plan 1547 design reflects the imperatives of the mid-2000s, when these ships were ordered. Relations with the Entente Cordiale and neighboring Maverica and Innominada had broken down, and Menghe was rapidly scaling up its defense spending to meet the new challenge. The preceding Plan 1602 patrol cutters had been unarmed apart from water cannons, a show of goodwill toward neighboring Dayashina, but the Plan 1547s were armed with a 76mm gun, a 23mm optically-aimed rotary cannon, and two twin 350mm torpedo tubes. As built, they were also fitted for (but not with) YDH-26 anti-ship missiles and YDG-38 MANPADS missiles, though in peacetime the mounting brackets on the deck were left empty, as displayed here.

In peacetime, which accounted for the great majority of these ships' hours at sea, the Plan 1547 patrol cutters mostly conducted patrols around Menghe's maritime boundary with Innominada and the fringes of its Exclusive Economic Zone. Before its merger with the Maritime Traffic Control Agency, the Maritime Environmental Service, and the Maritime Rescue Service in 2017, the Menghean Maritime Border Security Agency mostly focused on border security missions, such as halting unauthorized immigration and emigration, intercepting drug and contraband smugglers, cracking down on illegal fishing, and, at times, shadowing the movements of other countries' naval assets through Menghean waters. These ships could be called upon to perform rescue missions at sea, and they were built with water cannons and SAR helicopters for exactly this purpose; but until 2017, rescue and salvage missions primarily fell to the red-hulled ships of the Maritime Rescue Service.

Currently posting my latest ship art on my Menghean Navy AU thread, but most of my stuff is on iiWiki.

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Post subject: Re: Modern Coast Guard Ship ChallengePosted: February 5th, 2023, 2:43 pm
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'Ranges' Class Patrol Vessel

Originally intended for the Royal Westralian Navy, the 'Ranges' class of patrol vessels form the backbone of the new Maritime Patrol Force (MPF), which was formed as the marine wing of the new Westralian Territorial Control Service, the result of the consolidation of previous Westralian borders, customs and coast guard services. Designed to supplement the increasingly troublesome 'Shark' class of patrol boats in service with the RWN, the decision in 2022 to reorient the RWN towards predominantly high-end warfighting resulted in the offloading of the much of its constabulary tasking to the new Maritime Patrol Force. With this also came the early retirement of the 'Shark' class and the transfer of the new 'Ranges' to the MPF.

This resulted in some level of public consternation, not least of which the perceived increase in militarisation of what is ostensibly a public service branch. Upon transfer, one vessel was already in service with the RWN and another having completed fit out and begun sea trials. As such, both were equipped with their full RWN specified armament, most notably the now ubiquitous ZM35 35mm gun. Whilst not being considered an especially high-end capability in RWN terms, it was considerably heavier and more powerful than any weapon fitted to any previous Westralian customs vessel (the heaviest weapon previously fitted being a pintle mounted 7.62mm GPMG). Operationally, the new vessels perform the role of border patrol, search and rescue, fisheries protection, offshore petroleum and gas security. The final two vessels should enter service in 2023 and 2024.

[ img ]

'Ranges' class Patrol Vessel
Displacement: 900 tons
Length O/A: 67m
Beam: 10.8m
Draught: 3.3m
Speed: 24kts
Range: 4000nm at 12kts
Crew: 22
Primary Sensors: TERMA Scanter 6002, Kelvin Hughes Sharpeye (X- and S- Band), Chess Sea Eagle, SAFRAN Vampir NG IRST
Armament: Zuytdorp ZM35N 35mm, Zuytdorp ZM5N .50 RWS, Small Arms
Aviation: Landing deck area suitable for operation of light helicopter, capable of operating VTOL or catapult-launched light UAS
Boats: Up to three RHIBs, with one permanently embarked via stern ramp

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Post subject: Re: Modern Coast Guard Ship ChallengePosted: February 5th, 2023, 9:03 pm
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Found some time to participate in a challenge again :)

KP-60 class - Coast Guard Patrol vessel

[ img ]

The project which leads to the design of the KP-70 vessel dates to the late 90s. The royal navy of “Normerr” needed a successor for the aging coastal patrol
and submarine hunting vessel P-55. Different designs where suggested but political decisions and changed requirements lead to several delays in the development.
In 2009 the project was finished on the drawing board but was stopped before the first vessel was laid down since the navy no longer needed this type of vessel
and the costs were estimated too high.
In 2011 the “Küstenwache” (coast guard) put a new patrol vessel design to bid. The old project was dug out by the shipyard and modified for the needs of the coast guard.
All heavy offensive armament was dropped, only the installation of one forward 30 mm turret was prepared. For defense two .50 cal machine guns are installed permanently
and a double anti-air-missile launcher can be fitted. For patrol, control, and rescue duties one big RHIB with crane was added.
The design was accepted and two vessels were contracted. The first was launched in 2016, the second in 2017. In 2018 three more vessels were built for export.
However, the export of the third ship was denied and it was instead commissioned by the coast guard in 2020. Since spring 2022 all 3 boats were fitted with their additional
armament due to the aggravating security situation in the Baltic Sea.

Technical Stats:
• Length: 58,7 m
• Beam: 9 m
• Drought: 2,9 m
• Displacement: about 380 t
• speed: 25 kt
• complement: standard: 15, up to 25
• Boats: 1 x 7,5 m RHIB, 1 x 4,5 m RHIB

• optional: 1 x 30 mm Autocannon MK30 M10
• optional: 1 x double anti air missile launcher for BLR-85R
• 2 x .50 machine gun

• 1 x navigation radar
• 1 x combined ground an air search radar
• 1 x ground search and fire directing radar
• 1 x SAT-com and communication equipment

best regards

~~Normerr~~FD stuff~~

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Post subject: Re: Modern Coast Guard Ship ChallengePosted: February 6th, 2023, 12:03 pm
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Community Poll Open
The submission period for the Modern Coast Guard Challenge has concluded. You can now rate each entry here.
The poll will remain open until February 9th, ending at 23:59 (UTC-12). (Countdown Timer)

Many of you will be wondering where the poll concerning the subject of our next challenge is. I am afraid there has been a change of plans. As with the Washington Naval Treaty Centennial and Falklands War Commemorative challenges, a topic has already been chosen. It will be revealed with the results of this challenge. The topic will be broad, more so than either of the aforementioned challenges. Hopefully it will provide an avenues for most people to participate.

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Post subject: Re: Modern Coast Guard Ship ChallengePosted: February 10th, 2023, 12:05 pm
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Poll Results
The Modern Coast Guard Ship community poll is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated, both in the poll and the actual challenge. Congratulations to Heuhen, the winner, who achieved first place with the Char class. This submission attained 327 points in total and the highest score in the Drawing Quality category. In second place with 320 points is our final submission, Skyder2598's KP-60 class. Following close behind with 316 points is Rodondo's HMTS Storm Bay. That entry also attained the highest score in the Design Quality category. For all those interested, the Spacebucket Challenge is now open.

[ img ]

[ img ]

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Post subject: Re: Modern Coast Guard Ship ChallengePosted: February 10th, 2023, 1:39 pm
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I have to congratulate Skyder and Rodondo for their excellent drawings, this was my first win in any challenge :D

There was some interesting drawings in the challenge, some of them could have scored higher if they wasn't over the top armed (a confused coast guard vessel), other drawings could get better score if the artist had spend a little more time on details. There are also drawing that could have gotten better score if the artist focused a little more on what role the ship should have.

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Post subject: Re: Modern Coast Guard Ship ChallengePosted: February 11th, 2023, 9:20 am
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Congrats to all, I think the three best drawings certainly were deserving the top three podium positions.

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