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Post subject: Shipbucket Forum Rules - Updated March 2019Posted: July 26th, 2010, 10:24 pm
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These are the rules of the Shipbucket forum.

Please keep in mind that this list does not cover everything. The administrators reserve the right to moderate the forum at their own discretion. Complaints about administration should be raised to the admin group via PM, or by sending an email to Your case will be reviewed and responded to as quickly as possible.


1. Mutual respect among forum members is expected at all times. Personal attacks, vendettas, trolling, or sniping at other users is counterproductive and not allowed.

2. This is an English-language forum and discussions in other languages are not allowed. If you must post in another language (for example, to help a struggling member for whom English is not their first language), please post an English translation as well.

3. Actions or discussions which violate our host's Terms of Service are not allowed. This includes the posting of pornographic content or discussion of pirated movies, books, or software.

4. This is a family-friendly forum. Use of foul language or offensive content in avatars, profiles, signatures, or posts is not allowed.

5. Do not use our forum as a venue for advertisement of another website.

6. Do not post archive files or links that contains material you dont have permission to share.

7. If you are banned, you may not create another account to evade the ban.

8. The crediting procedure established in the Creative commons licence must be adhered to at all times.

9. When providing feedback to other users posting their drawings, make sure any criticism is polite and constructive in nature.

10. Please try to keep signatures small and compact; the recommended size is 400 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall.

11. Policing the forum is the job of the administrators. Please do not "backseat moderate"; if you see someone breaking the rules, report the post and the administrators will handle it.

Punishment scale:

The Shipbucket Forum does not operate on a set punishment scale. Infractions will result in the user receiving an "official warning" via PM, as well as their name added to the Warning List thread. A user with more warnings to their name will be more likely to receive a ban instead of another warning as punishment if they continue to break the rules.

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