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citizen lambda
Post subject: Citizen lambda's worklistPosted: October 3rd, 2016, 2:10 pm
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Since there have been a few discussions about subjects and workload already, I'll post a public worklist for anyone who may have questions or specific interests.

Status codes:
Not started/gathering sources
Blocked/awaiting input
Drawing in progress
Finalized & Frozen/Uploaded

Real Designs:
Russia, Project 1124 BKA
Russia, Project 1125 BKA
Russia, Project 191 BKA (thread)
Russia, Project 161 MBK (thread)
Russia, Project 186 MBK (thread)
Russia, Project 1204 Shmel BKA (thread)
Russia, Project 11661 Tatarstan FF (thread)
Russia, Project 11661K Dagestan FF (thread)
Vietnam, Project 11661E Gepard-3.9 FF (thread)
Russia, Project 956 DDG (thread)
China, Project 956E DDG (thread)
China, Project 956EM DDG (thread)
Russia, Project 11771 Serna LCM
Russia, Project 21280 Dyugon LCU
East Germany, Project 131 Libelle MTB (thread)
East Germany, Project 68.2 Wiesel MTB (thread)
East Germany, Project 68.3 Iltis MTB (thread)
France, P-670 Trident PC
France, P-676 Cormoran PC
France, P-681 Albatros OPV
France, EDA-R/L-CAT LCM - discrepancy in sources

Never Built:
Russia, Project 11660 Yastreb FF (thread)
Russia, Project 11661E Gepard-3.9 FF (early design) (thread)
Russia, Project 11662 PSKR
Russia, Project 10210 Bizon BPKVP (thread)
Russia, Project 956U (thread)
Russia, Project 956.2 (thread)
Russia, Project 1164.1 CG on hold awaiting Gollevainen's Pr.1164 redux
Russia, Project 958 Afalina SSN
Russia, Project 881 Merkuriy SSGN
Russia, Project 935 Borei-2 SSBN
Russia, Project 12300 Skorpion RKA
Russia, Project 20970 Katran PSKR
India, Project 15 Dehli DDG (Moskit version)

Soviet Century/Cold War 2020 AU:
East Germany, Project 151V KRS
Greece, Project 151E FACM
Poland, Project 621R MRK
Poland, Project 621S MPK
Soviet Union, Project 622 MPK
Soviet Union, Project 404 RKAVP
Soviet Union, Project 2097 Katran RKA
Soviet Union, Project 1230 Skorpion BRKA
Soviet Union, Project 2034 Musson MRK
Soviet Union, Project 1168 RKVP
Soviet Union, Project 2238 RKAVP
Soviet Union, Project 1223 SKRVP
Soviet Union, Project 1124EM FF
Soviet Union, Project 1124U FF
Soviet Union, Project 1166.0 Gepard FF
Soviet Union, Project 1166.2P PSKR
Soviet Union, Project 11663.0 Gepard FF
India, Project 1166.3E Gepard FF
Soviet Union, Project 1166.4 Yaguar FF
Soviet Union, Project 2168 Barsuk FF
Soviet Union, Project 1135.7 FFG
India, Project 1135.7I FFG
Soviet Union, Project 1701 FFG
Soviet Union, Project 1701.2 FFG
Soviet Union, Project 1244.1 Grom FFG
Soviet Union, Project 1102 DDG
Soviet Union, Project 1164A Triton BPK on hold awaiting Gollevainen's Pr.1164 redux
Soviet Union, Project 1247 DKVP
Soviet Union, Project 1246 DKVP
Soviet Union, Project 2134 MDKVP
Soviet Union, Project 1174A TDK
Soviet Union, Project 2172 Zhukov BDK
Soviet Union, Project 955 Borei-1 SSBN
Soviet Union, Project 955A Borei-A SSBN
Soviet Union, Project 955B Borei-3 SSBN
Soviet Union, Project 957 Kedr SSN
Soviet Union, Project 991 Skumbriya SSN
Soviet Union, Project 884 Mako SSN
Soviet Union, Project 676 Kalina SSK
Soviet Union, Project 950 Amur SSK
Soviet Union, Project 662 SSK
France, FL-3000ASM FF
France, FMM-4000 FFG
France, D-620 Cassard DDG (Aster upgrade)
France, S-611 Narval SSK
Spain, S-81 SSK
France, S-620 Agosta SSK (MESMA upgrade)
France, S-631 Dupuy de Lôme SSN
France, MPV-class BIS (LCU/OPV)
United Kingdom, Type-23 Batch 2 FFG
United Kingdom, Type-24 FFG
United Kingdom, Type-42 DDG (1990s upgrades)
United Kingdom, Type-45 DDG
United Kingdom, Type-45 Batch 2 DDG
United Kingdom, W-class SSN
United Kingdom, A-class SSN
Netherlands, S-806 Stierhaai SSK
Netherlands, S-808 Nachthaai SSK
West Germany, Type-145 Seeadler FACM
West Germany, K-130 Braunschweig corvette
West Germany, K-131 Oldenburg corvette
West Germany, F-124 Niedersachsen DDG
West Germany, F-125 Baden-Württemberg FF
West Germany, Type-212 SSK
West Germany, Type-215 SSK
Canada, DDG-310 Ontario DDG, Province class
Canada, DDG-280 Iroquois DDG, Tribal class (DELEX upgrade)
Canada, FFH-336 Montréal FFG, City class Flight-II
Canada, FFH-336 Montréal FFG, City class Flight-II (FELEX upgrade)

Soviet Century/Cold War 2020 Alternate Universe: Soviet and other Cold War designs 1990-2020.
My Worklist

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citizen lambda
Post subject: Re: Citizen lambda's worklistPosted: November 30th, 2016, 1:03 pm
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Edited to removed IRL version of Pr.955 following deeper look into the Submarines archives...
Updated to current status.

Soviet Century/Cold War 2020 Alternate Universe: Soviet and other Cold War designs 1990-2020.
My Worklist

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