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Post subject: BK's Completed WorklistPosted: March 22nd, 2018, 4:13 pm
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This is the list of completed aircraft I have done from the summer of 2017 to now. The list will be updated overtime, as new aircraft from various nations will be added into the roster.

FD-Scale Aircraft

DAR 10F, September 2017

Great Britain:
Bristol 163 Brigand B.1, June 2018

Varga RMI-1 X/H, December 2017

Weiss-Manfred WM.21, February 2018

Aichi S1A1, September 2017

Kawanishi J6K1, August 2018

Kawasaki Ki-100-II, September 2017

Kawasaki Ki-102a, October 2017

Kokusai Ki-105, January 2018

Kyushu K11W1, February 2018

Kyushu Q1W1, June 2018

Mitsubishi Ki-21-IIb, September 2017

Mitsubishi Ki-30, July 2017

Mitsubishi Ki-83, September 2017

Nakajima Ki-43-IIb, June 2017

Tachikawa Ki-54-Ib & c, March 2018

Tachikawa Ki-70-I, July 2018

Tachikawa Ki-74-I, July 2018

Tachikawa Ki-77-I, July 2018

Yokosuka D3Y-K, September 2017

Yokosuka K5Y1, June 2018

Soviet Union:
Bereznyak-Isayev BI-1, July 2017

Polikarpov I-1, May 2018

Polikarpov I-5, May 2018

Sukhoi Su-6, March 2018

United States:
Beechcraft 28 XA-38, February 2018

FD-Scale Vehicles

Kairyu-class midget submarine, June 2018

Kawasaki Ki-148 guided missile, August 2018

Kurogane Type 95 scout car, March 2018

Completed works of mine here!

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