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Post subject: Re: FD AU 3Posted: December 29th, 2014, 8:41 am
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Wow that's fast work! You've made my day and I totally agree with the elegance of the original BOAC livery. The BEA scheme is an added bonus.

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Post subject: Re: FD AU 3Posted: December 29th, 2014, 9:41 am
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Lovely and crisp-looking schemes!

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Post subject: Re: FD AU 3Posted: December 29th, 2014, 10:13 am
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Amazing well done (and I like the top one most, but that just probably shows my age or lack of it)


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Post subject: Re: FD AU 3Posted: December 29th, 2014, 11:50 am
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BOAC and 'Landor' livery are the best imho.

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Post subject: Re: FD AU 3Posted: December 29th, 2014, 8:38 pm
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Wonderful Liveries I J 8-)

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Post subject: Re: FD AU 3Posted: December 29th, 2014, 9:28 pm
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Great work with liveries!

Actually I was thinking of 757, but I have already too much to do, so feel free to do it. I'll be happy to see it done by You. :)
Btw. if You would like doing 787-9 (longer version), then I wouldn't have anything against it too (especially if it would come together with two real-life liveries, to be paired with two real-life 787-8 liveries already in the archive ;) ).

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Post subject: Re: FD AU 3Posted: December 29th, 2014, 9:41 pm
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Beautiful work IJ, absolutely BEAUTIFUL :!: :D

My artwork is posted here:

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Post subject: Re: FD AU 3Posted: January 11th, 2015, 4:20 pm
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Some minor updates to the Ishtar family including a shiny new two-seater. Some specifications have also changed upon further reflection. I might get around to doing some whiffs eventually!

[ img ]
[ img ]
[ img ]
[ img ]
[ img ]
[ img ]

McMillan P.1100 Ishtar
The Ishtar is the first fifth generation combat aircraft designed wholly in Tol Galen to fly. Its origins can be traced back to the beginning of the JSF program which it was a competitor in. The proof of concept / technology demonstrator (P.1099) first flew in August 2001 and made numerous test flights to gather data to refine the design. By 2008 there were four prototype airframes flying (2X-MMZA, ZB, ZC and ZD) around about this time AAe got involved as a development partner rather than a contractor resulting in the construction of 2X-AAZZ to further develop the design. In 2009 2X-MMZC was performing high alpha tests when the pilot reported a dual flame-out, despite efforts to recover into controlled flight the aircraft entered a flat spin at around 12,000ft and crashed into a forest resulting in the death of the test pilot. Despite the loss of one of the most experienced test pilots in Tol Galen and the loss of an airframe, development continued until in 2012 McMillan declared that the aircraft was ready for full scale production.
By 2014 improvements to the BW-130s cemented the ability for the Ishtar to maintain supercruise under certain conditions indefinitely, throughout 2014 a raft of improvements were floated out including Conformal tanks and weapon pods culminating in flight testing of the two-seat Ishtar and Sea Ishtar prototypes.

The Ishtar is a twin engined, trapezoidal winged aircraft incorporating low-observability design features.
The Ishtar like the Redcap makes use of the now fully developed engine produced by Babcock-Weisz known as the Enfield. The engine is a development of their earlier Hippogriff.
Whilst no orders have yet been penned McMillan remain confident that the future will bring orders due to the fact that currently the only real competition it has is the F-22 with the F-35 still having problems.

Further Developments:
[list][*]Improvements to ECM/EW system (Completed July 2014)
[*]Reduced RCS 1,250L conformal fuel tanks plus LO versions of existing drop tanks (Completed November 2014)
[*]Integrate centreline weapon pod to wing hardpoints (Completed July 2014)
[*]Navalised Ishtar (P.1101S).[/list]

General Characteristics:
[list][*]Crew: 1 or 2
[*]Length: 16.5m
Wingspan: 14.5m (15.25m in Ishtar-N)
[*]Wing Area: 83.99m² (85m² in Ishtar-N)
[*]Height: 3.9m (landing gear retracted) - 4.9m (landing gear down)
[*]Empty Weight: 16050kg
[*]Loaded Weight: 25550kg
[*]Max. Takeoff Weight: 35000kg
[*]Powerplant: 2x Babcock-Weisz Enfield BW-130 afterburning turbofans with 3D vectoring nozzles
[*]Dry Thrust: 229.7kN (Combined)
[*]Wet Thrust: 280.2kN (Combined)
[*]Fuel Capacity:[list]
[*]9000kg (internal)
[*]11450kg (internal + conformal tanks)
[*]14720kg (as above with the addition of two 2270L droptanks)[/list][/list]

Performance Characteristics:[list]
[*]Max. Speed (Hi): 2575km/h (@13716m)
[*]Max. Speed (Lo):1629km/h (@ Sea Level)
[*]Max. Sustainable Super-Cruise: Mach 1.3 50% Fuel and 4 AAMs
[*]Ferry Range: 3740km (with conformal tanks and two 2000l droptanks)
[*]Combat Radius: 1850-1875km (hi-lo-hi - with conformal tanks and two 2000l droptanks)
[*]A2A Combat Radius: 1350km (with 10m loitering time - 50% fuel, 4x MRAAMs and internal gun ammunition)
[*]Wing Loading: 399.1kg/m²
[*]T/W Ratio: 1.1102 (@ 50% fuel with two BVRAAM and two ASRAAM)
[*]Rate of Climb: >300m/s[/list]

Avionics and Sensors:[list]
[*]Radar: AAe Daywalker-I - 1700T/R node X-Band AESA with Lycanthrope L-band supplementary arrays. Daywalker can swing through a 120° azimuth control via a swash-plate arrangement)[/i]
[*]EO/IRST: AAe FLEO (Hybrid of FSO/OSF and F-35 EOTS - 120° azimuth control with >4 target tracking at 150km, 50-150km effective range FLIR - LRF effective out to >40km)
[*]Electronic Warfare: AAe Phalanx Most details are classified other than the system is a 'omni-spectral' system encompassing both active ans passive defensive measures
[*]Cockpit Systems:[list]
[*]Elbit Cockpit NG system (Not dissimilar to upgrades proposed for Rhino and F-15)
[*]Side mounted HOTAS
[*]Martin Baker Mk.16a 0-0 ejection seat[/list][/list]

[*]Stations: 7(+internal carriage) (1x centreline (heavy), 2x inboard (wet), 2x midboard (wet) and 2x outboard
[*]Notes: Internal bays can accommodate stores up to the size of a Mk84 or equivalent sized store. An example loadout is two GBU-31 2000lb GPS/INS guided bombs and two AIM-120Cs. The aircraft can also accommodate a conformal weapons pod under the fuselage (currently, wing pods are under development) capable of carrying a single Mk83 or Mk84 sized weapon, two Mk82 sized weapons or six SDBs as well as in the case of Mk82s and SDBs a pair of AIM-120s or similar weapons. The pod is also capable of deploying 4 AIM-120s in lieu of other stores.
[*]Payload: Up-to 9450kg
[*]Fixed Weapons: 1 (Customer specified out of: BK-27, GIAT 30 or M621 with between 150 and 275rds)
[*]Air-to-Air Missiles[list]
[*]AIM-9 Sidewinder (External & Internal)
[*]AIM-120 AMRAAM (External & Internal)
[*]AIM-132 ASRAAM (External & Internal)
[*]AIM-2000 IRIS-T (External & Internal)
[*]Rafael Python 3,4 and 5 (External & Internal)
[*]Rafael Derby (External & Internal)
[*]Meteor BVRAAM (Currently External pending clipped fin version)[/list]
[*]Air-to-Ground Missiles[list]
[*]AGM-154 JSOW (External & Internal)
[*]MBDA Storm Shadow (External)
[*]MBDA SPEAR (External & Internal)
[*]MBDA Dual-Mode Brimstone (External & Internal)
[*]Taurus KEPD350 (External)
[*]Taurus MP (External)
[*]Kongsberg NSM (External)
[*]Kongsberg JSM (External & Internal)[/list]
[*]Guided Bombs[list]
[*]MBDA AASM 125 (External & Internal)
[*]MBDA AASM 250 (External & Internal)
[*]MBDA AASM 500 (External & Internal)
[*]MBDA AASM 1000 (External)
[*]GBU-10,12 and 16 Paveway II (External) (GBU-12 Internal)
[*]GBU-22, 23 and 24 Paveway III (External) (GBU-22 Internal)
[*]GBU-31, 32 and 38 JDAM (External & Internal)
[*]GBU-54, 55 and 56 L-JDAM (External & Internal)
[*]GBU-39 and 53 SDB (External & Internal)
[*]CBU-103, 104 and 105 WCMDs (External)[/list]
[*]Unguided Bombs[list]
[*]Mk81, 82, 83 and 84 (External & Internal)
[*]MBDA BANG 125, 250 and 1000 (External & Internal)
[*]CBU-87, 89 and 97 (External)[/list]
[*]Rockets (External only currently)[list]
[*]CRV7 in LAU-5002 / 5003 pods (Plus guided derivatives)[/i]
[*]Hydra 70 in LAU-61 / 68 pods (Plus guided derivatives)
[*]SNEB 68mm in 116M pods (Plus guided derivatives)
[*]Thomson Brandt 100mm in LR100-4 and LR100-6 pods
[*]Various drop tanks including 1,250L, 1,750L, 2,000L and 2,275L capacity models[/list][/list]

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Post subject: Re: FD AU 3Posted: January 11th, 2015, 4:36 pm
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Nice! :)

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Post subject: Re: FD AU 3Posted: January 11th, 2015, 6:44 pm
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very nice!

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