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Post subject: Japanese Weapon Naming Conventions If Japan Still Uses The Imperial CalanderPosted: May 17th, 2024, 1:29 am
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if japan still uses the imperial calander in their nation but adjusted the dates this is how it will look like
japan still uses the imperial calander but have integrated the gregorian month dates to it

example of japanese weapon naming conventions if they had stuck naming their weapons to the impeiral year


type 20 apc (type 60 apc) imperial year 2620

type 21 mbt (type 61 mbt) imperial year 2621 (1961)

type 34 ni ju yon (type 74 nana yon) imperial year 2634 (1974)

type 50 gou maru (type 90 kyu maru) imperial year 2650 (1990)

type 70 nana maru (type 10 hito maru) impeiral year 2670 (2010)

type 76 mcv (type 16 mcv) imperial year 2676 (2016)


howa type 24 (howa type 64) imperial year 2624

howa type 49 (howa type 89) imperial year 2649

note: these are my thoughts on how jsdf weapons and vehicles will be designated if japan stillmcontinued from their imperial year naming convention what are other weapons will you designate on this section

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