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Post subject: Gotrige-Seiran AlliancePosted: July 18th, 2012, 12:36 pm
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Well, as some of you know, me and denodon has been working on combining our AUs(Gotrige(http://www.shipbucket.com/forums/viewto ... =14&t=2301) and Seiran(http://www.shipbucket.com/forums/viewto ... =14&t=1857). After some thinking, we decided to make an alliance, not entirely different from the Anglo-Japanese treaty.
For the sake of conveniance, we also decided on posting a separate thread for the treaty and historical updates that concerns both our AUs, so y'all won't have to read it twice.
Here is the treaty itself.


Gotrige-Sieran Treaty of Alliance Of 1908


The National Powers of Gotrige and Sieran;

Desiring to establish a union of power in the north Pacific Ocean and for mutual gain and benefit.

Have resolved to form an alliance to reach These goals, along with creating balance in the Pacific Ocean, and have to that end appointed their Plenipotentiaries:

For the Empire Of Gotrige:

His Imperial Majesty The King of Gotrige, Lord of Jutland, Emperor of Nymark, Sovereign Lord of His Majesty’s colonies of Africa and Asia;

The Honourable Lars Måns Claesman, President of His Privy Council;

The Honourable Duke Hubert Tornsjärna, High Seas Admiral of His Admirality;

The honourable Sir Odto Jöhnsson, His Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Seiran;


For the Dominion of Nymark:

The Honourable Earl Johan Krohnankare;


For the West African Diminions of Gotrige:

The Honourable Sverker Jyllenkärve;


For the East African Dominions of Gotrige:

The Honourable Karl Birgerman;


For the South-East Asia Dominions of Gotrige:

The Honourable Kristian Qvarner;

For the State of Seiran:

The President of the Socialist Republic of Sieran, Mr Andrei Mitvinov;

Prime Minister of the Peoples Government, Mr Anatoly Yumansky;

Ambassador to the Empire of Gotrige, Nikolay Kiselev.


Article I
The Ships of Signatory Nations shall at all times have access to the other’s harbors to dock, assuming they make clear of their intentions before arrival. Also, see Article VI

Article II
Should one of the Signatory Nations be threatened by war or similar crisis, the other pledge itself to come to the formers aid, regardless of circumstances.

Article III
The Signatory Nations Promise not to engage in any separate agreements with other Powers to the prejudice of this Alliance and Treaty.

Article IV
The Signatory Powers also promise to communicate frankly and fully with each other when any of the interests affected by this treaty are in jeopardy.

Article V
Neither of the Signatories are to be allowed to keep any permanent land or air units on the other’s territories without negotiations beforehand.

Article VI
Gotrige pledge itself to at all times have a naval force of maximum 30 000 metric tons docked within Sieran territorial waters, too demonstrate her support of the latter, and act as a deterrent for any hostile powers with expansionist agendas.

Article VII
Gotrige shall also supply Sieran with needed transport ships for trade with any nation in return for using them for 20% of the required trade. This ships will be paid for in natural resources and finances.


In faith whereof the above mentioned plenipotentiaries have signed the present Treaty.

Done at Washington, D.C., the 5th of May One Thousand Ninehundred and Eight.

Signed by:

Odto Jöhnsson, Gotrige Ambassador Extraordinary, His Plenipotentiary to Seiran;

Nikolay Kiselev, Seiran Ambassador Extraordinary, Their* Plenipotentiary to Gotrige, former Ambassador to Japan.


*The "Their" refer to the people of Seiran

We used the Washington treaty as a basis for structure and way of expression. Hope it reads well.

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Post subject: Re: Gotrige-Seiran AlliancePosted: July 18th, 2012, 7:30 pm
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Its quite interesting to see some AUs being mixed together!

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