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Post subject: Eswube's worklistPosted: September 20th, 2012, 8:06 am
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this is my worklist, updated as for 01st of November 2015.

completed and posted - work progressing - planned

Areas of interest (and therefore of planned work):
-Poland - coastal combatants of World War 2 period;
-Poland - coastal combatants of post-war period;
-Poland - naval riverine flotilla (mainly in 1939);
-Poland - some mine warfare vessels
(addition to WhyMe's work);
-Poland - amphibious warfare vessels;
-Poland - navy auxiliary vessels;
-Poland - navy unbuilt projects;

-Poland - fishing ships and cutters since 1921 (if the time and sources allow);
-Russia/Soviet Union - coastal and riverine combatants;
-Russia/Soviet Union - mine warfare vessels;
-Russia/Soviet Union - small amphibious warfare vessels;
-Russia/Soviet Union - military hovercraft;
-Russia/Soviet Union - some navy auxiliary vessels;
-Russia/Soviet Union - some unbuilt projects of coastal combatants;

-East German navy ships;
-Czechoslovak navy ships;
-Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian navy ships 1918-1940 (if the time and sources allow).

-ASW corvette Pr.620 Kaszub (ORP Kaszub)
-large submarine chaser Pr.122bis (ORP Czujny et al., NATO Kronshtadt)
-large submarine chaser Pr.912M (ORP Groźny et al., NATO Obluze-Mod)
-small submarine chaser Bitny (pennant number S-72)
-small submarine chaser Ch-5 (Ch-11, Ch-15)
-small submarine chaser Pr.194 BMO (ORP Błyskawiczny)
-small submarine chaser Pr.200 MO-D-3 (ORP Bezwzględny et al.)
-small submarine chaser Pr.918M (pennant numbers KP-166...176, NATO Pilica-mod.)
-motor gun boat BPB 63ft (pennant number S-2...3)
-motor gun boat BPB 72ft (pennant number S-4)
-motor gun boat White 75ft (pennant number S-1)
-motor torpedo boat White 73ft (pennant numbers S-5...10)
-motor torpedo boat D-3 (pennant numbers KT-81...82)
-motor torpedo boat Pr.183 (pennant numbers 401...419, NATO P-6)
-motor torpedo boat Pr.663D Sroka (ORP Błyskawiczny)
-motor torpedo boat Pr.664 Sroka 2 (ORP Bitny et al., NATO Wisla)
-missile boat Pr.205 Tsunami (ORP Hel et al., NATO Osa-1)
-missile boat Pr.151/660 Orkan (ORP Orkan et al., NATO Bal-Com-10, as built and as modernized)
-missile boat Pr.1241RE Molniya (ORP Górnik et al., NATO Tarantul, early and late series)
-patrol ship Medoc/Pomerol (pennant numbers P24...25)
-patrol ship US ST-class (pennant numbers DP-51...52)
-patrol ship (ex-fishing cutter, pennant number DP-53)
-patrol ship (ex-utility cutter, pennant number DP-54)
-patrol ship KG-177 (ex-fishing cutter, pennant numbers DP-55...56)
-patrol ship (ex-seagoing tug, pennant number DP-86)
-patrol ship Pr.9 (ORP Jamno et al., NATO Oksywie)
-patrol ship Pr.205 Tsunami (ex-missile boat, pennant numbers SG-301...303, NATO Osa-1)
-patrol ship Pr.902 (ORP Neptun et al., NATO Gdansk)
-patrol ship Pr.912 (ORP Fala et al., NATO Obluze)
-patrol ship Pr.5633 SKS-40 (ORP Kaper et al.)
-patrol boat Batory (pennant number KP-1)
-patrol boat Kaszub (pennant number KP-3)
-patrol boat Skarbówka (pennant number KP-2)
-patrol boat Sława (pennant number KP-72)
-patrol boat KD-153 (ex-fishing cutter, pennant numbers KP-61...64)
-patrol boat KU-128 (ex-fishing cutter, pennant numbers KP-32...34)
-patrol boat LCP(L) (ex-landing craft, pennant numbers KP-5...8, -19...23, -65, -66, -68, -69)
-patrol boat Pr.90 (pennant numbers KP/SG-141...152, NATO Wisloka)
-patrol boat Pr.101 (pennant numbers KP-101...107)
-patrol boat Pr.361S/T (pennant numbers KP-108...117, -118...128, NATO K-8)
-patrol boat Pr.918 (pennant numbers KP/SG-161...165, NATO Pilica)
-patrol boat Pr.1328 (pennant numbers SG-006, -008, -014...016)
-patrol boat Pr.3564 (pennant numbers SG-101...115, NATO Szkwal)
-patrol boat Pr.B306 (pennant numbers M-81...85)
-patrol boat Damen SAR-1500 (pennant numbers SG-211..212)
-patrol boat Docksta IC-16M (pennant numbers SG-213...216)
-patrol boat Parker 900 Baltic Cabin (pennant numbers SG-044...047)
-patrol boat Patrol 240 Baltic (pennant numbers SG-111...112)
-patrol boat, air cushioned Griffon-2000TD (pennant numbers SG-411...412)
-riverine monitor Warszawa/Horodyszcze/Pińsk/Toruń
-riverine monitor Kraków/Wilno
-riverine gunboat Zuchwała/Zawzięta/Zaradna
-riverine armed ship Generał Sosnkowski
-riverine armed ship Generał Sikorski
-riverine armed ship Generał Szeptycki
-riverine armed ship Hetman Chodkiewicz
-riverine armed ship (later target ship) Admirał Dickmann
-riverine heavy armed cutter CKU Nieuchwytny
-riverine armed cutter KU-1...3
-riverine armed cutter KU-4...5
-riverine armed cutter KU-6
-riverine armed cutter KU-7
-riverine armed cutter KU-30
-riverine light armed cutter LKU-16...19
-riverine light armed cutter LKU-21...24
-riverine light armed cutter LKU-25...29
-riverine liaison cutter KM-8
-riverine liaison cutter KM-12...13
-riverine liaison cutter KM-14...15
-minesweeper BYMS (ORP Delfin et al., update, original author WhyMe)
-minesweeper Pr.253L (ORP Albatros et al., NATO T-301 - update, original author WhyMe)
-minesweeper Pr.254K (ORP Żubr et al., NATO T-43 - update, original author Gollevainen)
-minesweeper Pr.254M (ORP Dzik et al., NATO T-43 - update, original author Gollevainen)
-minesweeping boat Pr.151 (pennant numbers 811...817, NATO TR-40)
-minesweeping boat Pr.361T (pennant numbers 831...842, 941...953, NATO K-8)
-minesweeping boat Pr.B410-IVS (pennant numebrs 625...626, NATO Leniwka)
-riverine mine warfare ship Mątwa
-riverine minesweeper T-1...3
-riverine minesweeper T-4...5
-medium landing ship Pr.770D (ORP Oka et al., NATO Polnocny-A, as built and as modernized)
-medium landing ship Pr.770MA (ORP Odra et al., NATO Polnocny-A-mod.)
-medium landing ship Pr.771 (ORP Lenino et al., NATO Polnocny-B, as built and as modernized)
-medium landing ship Pr.771A (ORP Janów et al., NATO Polnocny-B-mod.)
-medium landing ship/command ship Pr.776 Rudzik (ORP Grunwald, NATO Polnocny-C-mod.)
-medium landing ship Pr.767 Brzegówka (ORP Lublin, NATO Lublin)
-landing craft LCM(3) (pennant numbers ODM-100...102)
-landing craft LCP(L) (pennant numbers KD-19, -28, -37, -46, -55, -64)
-landing craft LCT(5) (pennant numbers ODS-50...56)
-landing craft MFP-D/DM (pennant numbers ODD-1...3, -5...7)
-landing craft MZ (pennant number ODD-4)
-landing craft Pr.709 Sztorm (pennant numbers 857...871, NATO Eichstaden)
-landing craft Pr.716 Droździk (pennant numbers KD-11...13, NATO Deba)
-landing craft Pr.719 (pennant numbers 872...874, NATO Marabut)
-logistics support ship Pr.890 (ORP Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki)
-pilot cutter Korsarz
-riverine staff ship Admirał Sierpinek

Poland - Never-were
-ASW corvette Pr.620 Kaszub (ORP Kaszub) as planned (with 9M33 SAM)
-large submarine chaser Pr.605
-riverine monitor 1920 project
-riverine monitor 1939 project
-medium landing and minelaying ship Pr.649 (for Bulgaria)
-medium landing ship Pr.767-I (initial project for Lublin class)
-medium landing ship Pr.767-II (initial project for Lublin class)
-medium landing ship Pr.767-III (initial project for Lublin class)
-medium landing ship Pr.7062
-medium landing ship Pr.7062-I
-universal logistic transport ship UTL-1
-universal logistic transport ship UTL-2
(in the permament WiP stage)
-degaussing and research ship Pr.130-I

-patrol boat Pr.205.9 Tsunami (NATO Stenka class)

East Germany
-missile boat Pr.205 Tsunami (NATO Osa-1)
-missile boat Pr.151 (NATO Bal-Com-10)
-motor torpedo boat Pr.206 (NATO Shershen)

-large patrol craft P-50 (modified Pr.151)
-riverine patrol boat ZPK
-landing craft MFP-A
-landing craft MFP-B
-landing craft MFP-CM
-landing craft MFP-D
-landing craft MFP-DM
-landing craft MNL
-landing craft/artillery barge MAL
-artillery barge/gunboat AFP

-landing hovercraft Pr.1232.2 Zubr (NATO Pomornik)

-medium landing ship Pr.773I Ghopard
-medium landing ship Pr.773IM Cheetah

-medium landing ship Pr.733K Atika

-landing craft MZ-A
-landing craft MZ-A/MZ-764
-landing craft MZ-B

-medium landing ship Pr.733KL Ibn El Hadrani

Russia/Soviet Union
-large submarine chaser Pr.122
-large submarine chaser Pr.122a (NATO Artillerist)
-large submarine chaser Pr.122bis (NATO Kronshtadt, early and late series)
-small ASW ship Pr.1141 Sokol (NATO: Babochka)
-small ASW ship Pr.11451 Sokol 2 (NATO: Mukha)
-small submarine chaser MO-1
-small submarine chaser MO-2
-small submarine chaser MO-4
-small submarine chaser MO-D-3
-small submarine chaser Pr.194 BMO
-small submarine chaser Pr.200 OD
-motor torpedo boat ANT-3 Pervenets
-motor torpedo boat D-3
-motor torpedo boat G-5 (early and later series)
-motor torpedo boat G-6
-motor torpedo boat G-8
-motor torpedo boat S-1 Stalnoy
-motor torpedo boat Sh-4
-motor torpedo boat SM-4
-motor torpedo boat STK-DD
-motor torpedo boat UTK
-motor torpedo boat, air cushioned L-5
-motor torpedo boat Pr.123bis
-motor torpedo boat Pr.123K (NATO P-4)
-motor torpedo boat Pr.183 (NATO P-6)
-motor torpedo boat Pr.200 (TM-200/TD-200)
-motor torpedo boat Pr.205T/ET (NATO Mol)
-motor torpedo boat Pr.206 (NATO Shershen)
-motor torpedo boat Pr.206M Shtorm (NATO Turya)
-missile boat Pr.183R (NATO Komar)
-missile boat Pr.205 Tsunami (NATO Osa-1)
-missile boat Pr.205U Tsunami (NATO Osa-2)
-missile boat Pr.205EM Tsunami (NATO Osa-2)
-missile boat Pr.206MR Vikhr (NATO Matka)
-missile boat Pr.206.6 Vikhr (NATO Matka mod.)
-missile boat Pr.1241RE Molniya (NATO Tarantul)
-gunboat Pr.205PE (NATO Slepen)
-gunboat hovercraft Pr.1238 Kasatka (NATO Kasatka)
-border guard ship Pr.133 Antares (NATO Muravey)
-border guard ship Pr.205P Tarantul (NATO Stenka)
-border guard ship Pr.206.5 (NATO Bogomol)
-border guard hovercraft Pr.20901 Chilim (NATO Chika)
-roadstead minesweeper hovercraft Pr.1206T Kalmar-T (NATO Pelikan)
-medium landing ship Pr.770D (NATO Polnocny-A)
-medium landing ship Pr.770MA (NATO Polnocny-A)
-medium landing ship Pr.770M (NATO Polnocny-A)
-medium landing ship Pr.771 (NATO Polnocny-B)
-medium landing ship Pr.771A (NATO Polnocny-B)
-medium landing ship Pr.773 (NATO Polnocny-C, as built and as modernized)
-medium landing ship Pr.773U (NATO Polnocny-C/D)
-large landing ship Pr.775-I/II (NATO Ropucha-1)
-large landing ship Pr.775-III (NATO Ropucha-2)
-landing hovercraft Pr.1205 Skat (NATO Gus)
-landing hovercraft Pr.1206 Kalmar (NATO Lebed)
-landing hovercraft Pr.1206.1 Murena (NATO Tsaplya)
-landing hovercraft Pr.1209 Omar (NATO Utenok)
-landing hovercraft Pr.1231.1 Dzheyran (NATO Aist)
-landing hovercraft Pr.1232.2 Zubr (NATO Pomornik)
-degaussing ship Pr.130 (NATO Bereza)

Russia/Soviet Union - Never-were
-small ASW ship Pr.1121
-small ASW ship Pr.1141 (early designs)
-small ASW ship Pr.1141 Orlik
-small ASW ship Pr.11455
-missile boat Pr.1141? Uragan
-missile boat Pr.11452
-border guard ship Pr.1141P

-landing hovercraft Pr.1232.2 Zubr (NATO Pomornik)

Ukraine - Never-were
-missile boat Falkon-500

-small patrol/utility boat USCG 40ft UTB
-landing craft LCM(3)
-landing craft LCP(L)
-landing craft LCT(5)

-medium landing ship NS-722 Bilquis
-landing craft NS-717 Saba

Of course, any source material or help will be always welcomed and appreciated. :)

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Post subject: Re: Eswube's worklistPosted: January 11th, 2013, 6:07 pm
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looks like you have done a lot!

Hayden Foster

And so it goes....

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Post subject: Re: Eswube's worklistPosted: January 11th, 2013, 7:57 pm
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Thanks! :)
Well, it's over a year worth of work, and these are mostly small (or even very small) ships.

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Post subject: Re: Eswube's worklistPosted: May 12th, 2014, 1:30 am
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eswube, i very like your small boats. :D

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Post subject: Re: Eswube's worklistPosted: May 12th, 2014, 8:45 am
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Thanks! :)

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Post subject: Re: Eswube's worklistPosted: September 7th, 2015, 7:27 pm
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Updated the list with already done drawings and updated list of my plans - not with list of the individual ships to be done, but rather with "areas of interest".
Of course, things are negotiable. ;)

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