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Post subject: JMSDF BattleshipPosted: March 14th, 2024, 3:53 pm
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the nara-class battleship or called super large defense ship (anti-air mobile gun battery by japan's ministry of defense or gunnery air defense ship by jmsdf) by japan is a large multi role warship built to act as japan's defense ship against icbms as the ships aft vls launcher just behind the aft funnel on the elevated platform uses 256 missiles in x4 64 cell mk-41 vls hold's the ships air defense missiles and type 90 ssm missiles the main guns are for using against shore targets to soften up any invaders hold on japanese home islands it can also be used against ships in a close range duel bow and aft thrusters are used as manuver propellers to make very tight turns making it more manuverable than a gerald r ford-class aircraft carrier the ship was designed and built for the defense of the home islands as well as act as a deterrent to any potential invaders due to battleships being obsolete japan leveraged on it's constitution's artical 9 to add battleships in it's fleet as gunnery air defense ships learning from past mistakes and battleship's weakness against aircraft the battleship is given a new lease of life as japan's new defense ship the ship is named after the nara prefecture to which the prefecture being the previus yamato province to which the same name used in the world war 2 battleship yamato

nara-class battleship
[ img ]

length 288m

width 42m

draft 11m

weight 65,000t (base load) 68,442t (combat load) 73,778t (maximum load)

speed 30 knot's (maximum load) 32 knot's (combat load) 35 knot's (base load)


2x3 51cm/54 Type 24

x1 mk-15 searam

x2 30mm goalkeeper ciws

x2 35mm gdm-008 kgd mellenium guns

x4 64 cell mk-41 vls

missile types

rim 161

rim 156

rim 66

rum 139 asroc

rim 162 essm

type 90 ssm

aircraft carried

x1 sh-60

x1 v-22 osprey

x1 ah-64 apache


armor type nano crystal steel armor (same armor found on type 10 mbt's)

armor layout all or nothing

main belt 350mm

upper and lower belt 210mm


main deck 35mm

middle deck 76mm

lower deck 155mm

stearing gear 100mm

armored cic

front 410mm

back 350mm

sides 280mm

roof 155mm

door 57mm

propulsion COGAG (combined gas and gas)

cruising range 12,000 nautical miles at 18 knots

electronics and systems

electronics: (similar to maya-class destroyers but upgraded and modified with seawip bloc iii installed)

systems: ATECS (Advanced Technology Command System) battle management system also known as the japanese aegis

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