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On this Components page you can find parts used for Shipbucket drawings.

The goal is for each part to have at least one image and a simple page describing a short history of the part, it's relation to other parts, what is shown on the drawing and on which ships the system is used. Since this wiki is online for a relatively short time and there are hundreds of parts, not all parts are uploaded and even less have a full page. In the meantime, the old part sheets which had multiple parts on them can be found here. Personal Design or Alternate Universe components are not to be included in the parts system, so shall not be categorised with the components category or any of it's subcategories.

All drawings using these parts must follow Shipbucket standards, which requires them to be on a Shipbucket template which can be found here Everything found in the component pages does not require crediting to the artist who originally drew the components.

Searching for components

Parts can be searched in different ways. You can use the search function of this wiki, or you can use one of the sorting systems below.

Components list

Components sorted by type

Components sorted by nation

Component compilations ("parts sheets")

FD components

FD Components list

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FD Components sorted by nation

FD Component compilations ("parts sheets")

Shipbucket components as learning tool

Shipbucket parts can be used to learn what the impact on ship design is of a certain part.

Articles by Shipbucket members

Components including below deck installation

Component Sources

Shipbucket Parts Sheets